Stash House, MO Launches 1906 Drops in Missouri Market


Stash House, an established provider of finished-form cannabis products, is set to make 1906 drops available to Missouri dispensaries in November 2022.

These award-winning, discreet swallowable drops will launch during the first week of November and will be available for Missouri cannabis patients statewide. Missouri will be the 9th market for the high-demand 1906 cannabis product.

Shane Finn, COO of Stash House, had this to share: “We’re excited to bring 1906’s pharma-grade, plant-powered medicine in a pill format to the state of Missouri. 1906 created this product to offer patients an alternative to alcohol and pharmaceuticals.”

The unique 1906 Drops combine fast-acting, low-dose THC with plant-based medicines to deliver the precise effects patients crave. The initial lineup of experiences will include brands Go, Genius, Love, Chill, Midnight, and Bump.

1906 Drops from Stash House

Peter Barsoom, Founder and CEO of 1906 is equally excited about the partnership: “Stash House has proven to be a reliable partner for 1906 manufacturing, distribution, and sales in Oklahoma, so this strengthens our partnership. We’re so delighted to bring our line of precision edibles to Missouri patients.”

Any Missouri dispensaries interested in carrying 1906 should visit at the “Get In Touch” link to receive real-time information on pricing and launch details.

About Stash House. 

Stash House ( manufactures and distributes a wide variety of cannabis finished form products to meet the needs of dispensary customers. They’ve solidified market strength by partnering with some of the most recognized national brands. Stash House’s technology platform enables brand transparency and puts stress-free dispensary ordering at its customers’ fingertips. This technology platform, coupled with a robust experience in distribution and sales, separates Stash House from the rest of the market. In addition to Missouri, Stash House currently operates in OklahomaNew Mexico, and Mississippi, with additional plans for future growth in 2023.

About 1906.
1906 ( is the premier lineup of pharma-grade plant power. The drop combines super-effective plant medicines with moderately dosed THC and CBD. The swallowable drops have zero calories, are discreet, and made to fit perfectly in your pocket. Drops come in seven different fast-acting formulas to help you Chill out, be in bed before Midnight, get up and Go, become a Genius, find your Bliss, fall in Love, and Bump up any experience.