More elected leaders step forward to say “YES” to Amendment 3

More elected leaders step forward to say “YES” to Amendment 3


Bi-Partisan Support Across Missouri for Legalized Adult-Use Marijuana

Amendment 3 is gaining momentum ahead of the November 8 election. The ballot initiative to legalize adult-use marijuana continues to pick up key endorsements from elected officials across the state. The latest elected officials to endorse, include:

Elected Leaders:                              
Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas
Sen. Barbara Washington
Sen. Brian Williams
Sen. Steve Roberts
Sen. Angela Mosley
Rep. Nick Schroer
Rep. Kevin Windham
Rep. Peter Meredith
Alderman Megan E. Greene
Alderman Jack Coatar

Many of the State’s leading civil rights groups and labor unions are also lending their support to the legalize marijuana campaign. The groups share a common goal of finding new opportunities for residents through expungement of marijuana convictions, increased tax revenue to the State of Missouri and needed funding for veteran’s services.

“Less than a week from today, Missouri will make history as the 20th state to legalize marijuana and the very first state in the country to automatically expunge past, nonviolent marijuana offenses by a vote of the people,” said John Payne, Amendment 3’s campaign manager. “As the only grassroots campaign to make the ballot, we continue to pick up support each and every day headling into the election because Missourians know Amendment 3 will generate millions in revenue and allow law enforcement to concentrate on fighting serious and violent crime.”


The proposed constitutional amendment would allow Missourians ages 21 and older to possess, consume, purchase, and cultivate marijuana. A 6 percent retail sales tax would generate estimated annual revenue of at least $40.8 million (and likely much higher) and additional local government revenues of at least $13.8 million, a state fiscal analysis projects.

That money, in turn, would cover program costs including expungement, with remaining funds reserved for veterans’ services, drug addiction treatment and the state’s severely underfunded public defender system.

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