Greenway Best of the Industry: Proper Cannabis, Company of the Year

Greenway Best of the Industry: Proper Cannabis, Company of the Year


Proper has quickly become one of Missouri’s best success stories in the cannabis industry. Proper was the state’s second highest selling brand by dollar in 2021. Whether it’s the hugely popular flower or the company’s celebrated extracts, the clean, simple design, or the launch of their celebrated edibles line – Honeybee, Proper consistently knocks it out of the park. It comes as little surprise then that Greenway readers felt the same way, recognizing Proper Cannabis multiple times in voting for Greenway’s Best of the Industry.

Proper was recognized as Company of the Year and took home additional awards for Best Manufacturer, Best Concentrate – Love Potion Live Badder, Best Chocolate Edible – Honeybee – Peanut + Pretzel Milk Chocolate, Best Manufacturing Facility Design, and Best Cultivation Facility Design.

Greenway spoke to Matt Labrier, COO & Co-founder of Proper Cannabis about what it means to do things the ‘Proper’ way.

“It sounds cliché, but we just want to do things the ‘Proper’ way. We’re not focusing on other companies, locally or nationally. Our team has enough experience in the cannabis industry to know what we want to achieve and how to do so.”

“What makes Proper work is our teamwork and community. Our directors and managers have done a fantastic job adapting as our company—and the industry—have changed over the last year. The people running our cultivation and manufacturing operations, Jeff Gumaer, Josh Morris, Dave Owens, and Larry Decristofaro, have done an outstanding job.”

Proper won for best manufacturer, best edible, and best concentrate – why is Proper so successful in manufacturing?

“We take the time to do everything with care, without rushing or taking shortcuts. We also have two phenomenal, knowledgeable leaders: Larry Decristofaro, our director of processing, and Dave Owens, our culinary director, both came to Proper with years of experience creating high quality extracts and confections.”


Best Chocolate Edible – Honeybee – Peanut + Pretzel Milk Chocolate


How do you intend to stay competitive as the Missouri market continues to grow?

“We’re going to continue to push. We’ll be launching more brands and expanding the ones already in the market. We’re going to continue to R&D new strains to keep our genetic library fresh. We want to build on what we achieved in 2021.”

Best Manufacturer Proper Cannabis

Can you tell Greenway readers about the past year for Proper?

“2021 was a whirlwind. We built two dispensaries and our cultivation/manufacturing facility. We scaled up from 15 employees to almost 150. We launched three distinct brands as well as our non-profit arm,” Labrier said.

“Proper has a commitment to helping our community through giving. We launched our non-profit, the New Growth Horizon Charitable Foundation, when we opened our dispensaries in April. With that have come several initiatives that we’re proud of, including our quarterly employee highlights. Every quarter, we champion nine exemplary employees, and give each the opportunity to donate to a charity of their choosing.

“In August, we held the first Annual Proper Classic golf tournament, which raised over $25,000. We’ll be doing that again this coming fall.

“To start 2022, we’ve teamed up with MissionSTL for an Essentials Drive, which includes donating personal card & hygiene products, non-perishable food items, and coats.”