CPC of Missouri opens dispensary in West Plaza 

CPC of Missouri opens dispensary in West Plaza 


CPC of Missouri announced that it has opened its first dispensary in Missouri. The dispensary is located at 1004 45th Street in the fashionable West Plaza area of Kansas City. Open seven days a week, the dispensary is over 3,000 square feet including a retail space as well as a seminar room and consultation rooms for private discussions. 

Operating under the Calyx Peak brand, LOCAL, the dispensary offers all the form factors allowed under the  Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services regulations to qualified medical patients and caregivers, including dried flower, pre-rolls, vapes, edibles, and other inhalables, ingestibles, and concentrates. 

“We are very excited to be able to serve the needs of the community through our dispensary and provide safe  high-quality medical cannabis to patients,” said Calyx Peak CEO Erin Carachilo and CPC of Missouri Chief  Operating Officer Lee Hoffman. “In addition, our product portfolio and award-winning genetics could be available once we complete our cultivation in Smithville, Missouri next year.”  

Missouri’s medical cannabis program sales started in October of last year and has totaled over $160M as of end  October 2021, according to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. Total sales in October 2021  alone reached approximately $24M. As of October 31, 2021, there were close to 198,000 patient applications  and 6,300 caregiver applications in the state, representing over 3% of the general population. Missouri’s  regulations provide for numerous qualifying medical conditions for treatment with cannabis, including, among  others, cancer, epilepsy, PTSD, HIV/AIDS, terminal illness, Alzheimer’s and any chronic medical condition  normally treated with prescription medication that can lead to dependence  

About Calyx Peak Inc.  

CPC of Missouri is a wholly owned subsidiary of CPC of MO Holdco, LLC a joint venture between local Missouri  investors and Calyx Peak Inc. As of November 2021, Calyx Peak Inc held licenses and operates in California, Missouri, and Massachusetts. Calyx Peak hopes to be vertically integrated in all three states by the end of 2022. Additional information is available at www.calyxpeak.com.  


CPC of Missouri Contact: 

Lee Hoffman 

Chief Operating Officer 


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