Dozens of medical marijuana products are on administrative hold

Updated with comment from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services 6:45 pm

Less than two weeks after the Missouri medical marijuana market saw dozens of products and SKUs locked out in METRC it has happened again.

On October 5,  shortly after 9:30 pm, reports began to surface that several medical marijuana products were locked in an administrative hold state in Metrc. The hold affects various products and brands from multiple license holders.

The Department told Greenway that the previous hold was implemented “inadvertently.

Metrc clearly displays State Investigation as the reason for the hold and many of the SKUs affected now were included in the previous hold.

In response to an inquiry from Greenway the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services offered the following statement through Lisa Cox, Communications Director at the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. “I can confirm there is an ongoing investigation for licensees Archimedes Medical Holdings LLC, CUL000022 and CUL000024, and FUJM LLC, CUL000060.”

The Department was unable to offer further information at this time, due to the ongoing status of the investigation.



Mysterious hold on marijuana products was done ‘inadvertently’