Mysterious hold on marijuana products was done ‘inadvertently’

Mysterious hold on marijuana products was done ‘inadvertently’


This morning dispensaries around the state opened to an unwelcome surprise, dozens of product SKUs for medical marijuana items were on hold in Metrc.

The products were varied in style and producer, and retailers received no communication or information from the state as to why those medical marijuana products were placed on hold.

The administrative hold alert was present within Metrc, the state’s seed-to-sale tracking provider.


The retailers that Greenway spoke with said that they were contacted directly by representatives from the respective companies whose products were placed on hold. Despite swirling rumors and speculation, the Department says there was no cause for concern.

Lisa Cox, Communications Director at the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services told Greenway, “The Department was made aware this morning that some product may have been put on hold inadvertently.  We reviewed that information and believe the issue has already been corrected.”