PHOTOS | MoCannBizCon+Exp 2021


Since the last MoCannBizCon in March 2020, the world – and Missouri’s medical marijuana industry – have changed drastically. A new market with new regulators in a new economic climate made for a delayed frenzy to get to market.

Yet, just since April, Missouri’s operational cultivation, manufacturing, and dispensary facilities have each doubled and more medical marijuana facilities stand en queue awaiting approval to operate. As of printing, just shy of half of the licensed cultivators, just shy of a third of licensed manufacturers, and well over half of the licensed facilities. Though the pandemic caused harsh delays, even for regulators, Missouri’s budding industry is beginning to bloom.


Missouri’s industry had a lot to celebrate and a better sense of the market at the 2021 MoCannBizCon+Exo at the St. Louis Union Station, August 11-12.

Photos by Mimi Amor Wedding Photography.