Heya Wellness debuts new product lines and partnerships

Heya Wellness debuts new product lines and partnerships


Heya Wellness has had a big summer. Heya launched four of its five dispensaries within a month of one another starting in June. Heya’s St. Peters location opened at the end of June while both the Eldon and St. Ann locations opened to the public just before the 4th of July. 

In addition to their retail successes, Heya’s cultivation arm has produced flower products that have become popular statewide. From Heya’s Duct Tape to Dosi Pop and Runtz the vertical operation has enjoyed a winning season to this point.

Now, just in time for the brand to launch its fifth retail location in Kirksville, it rolls out two new product lines from its manufacturing arms.

Debuting this weekend in Heya dispensaries and next week statewide, Heya is bringing Smokiez edibles and Conte Concentrates carts to Missouri.

Smokiez is one of the most popular edibles brands in the country with products already available in Oregon, Washington, California, and Oklahoma. The company manufactures a wide array of sweet treats and edibles including vegan and gluten-free options.


“We’re excited by the opportunity to work with Smokiez,” said Mandy Lehnbeuter,  spokesperson for Heya. “Patients are eager for edible products that deliver high quality and great value, and we believe that through Smokiez commitment to excellence that we will deliver just that!”

Heya will debut five different Smokiez flavors: Watermelon, Peach, Blackberry, Raspberry, and Green Apple – scheduled to hit retail shelves exclusively at Heya locations this week.

In addition to the Smokiez edibles coming to shelves, Heya will also debut the Conte Concentrates 1 gram vape carts for the first time in Missouri. The Conte carts are derived from distillate and will be available in 4 varieties as they roll out to retail. Pina Colada, Blood Orange, Fruit Passion, and Cotton Candy round out the introductory line. “We are excited for the introduction of Conte Concentrates 1 gram vape carts to hit the shelves, as we set out to exceed the market standards for taste, quality and value.” said Lehnbeuter

While the debut of their new manufactured products partnerships take center stage this week, Heya will host a Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening celebration on September 10th at its Kirksville dispensary location.

Heya’s flagship location is located in St. Ann housing a cultivation center and an infused-product manufacturing operation. Heya has two additional MIP  locations in Kirksville and Excello. Heya has 5 dispensary licenses located in Eldon, Kirksville, Park Hills, St. Ann, and St. Charles respectively.

Heya was also awarded two additional cultivation licenses as a result of their appeals before the AHC.