Missouri’s largest cannabis processing facility just completed


Midwest Roots successfully passed its inception inspection and then, upon licensure, will begin production as soon as adequate supplies of raw materials are secured. Midwest Roots has completed the build out of a 65,000 square foot facility to begin the production of wide variety of cannabis concentrates to serve the Missouri medical cannabis patients.

photo provided

“Our goal is to produce the highest quality medicinal cannabis products for the medical patients in the state of Missouri. This is a very personal issue to me based on the relief I saw my mother receive from cannabis as she fought her battle with terminal cancer. Our goal is to alleviate the suffering of those that are facing the same struggle as my mother.”

Chris Klein, President, Midwest Roots

“Scientific Solutions, Inc. provided processing and process support equipment from a number of vendors, including Across International, Apex, Edwards, Julabo, Pope Scientific, and PBS Industries. Our goal was to help Midwest Roots turn their vision in to a productive and profitable facility in compliance will all best practices and legal regulations.   Midwest Roots has selected the best equipment available in order to produce the purest medicinal cannabis products in a safe and hygienic facility. The attention to detail is far above average and may be the best lab we have ever equipped.”


John Cantril, CEO, Scientific Solutions, Inc.


For further information regarding raw material supply or retail sales opportunities in Missouri, please contact Chris Klein. Likewise, if you would like to build or equip a cannabis cultivation or processing lab in the USA, please contact John Cantril, Scientific Solutions, Inc. www.scisolinc.com.

Email: Midwest Roots Scott@midwestrootsmo.com – Scientific Solutions, Inc. John@scisolinc.com