Food Network dives into cannabis culture

Food Network dives into cannabis culture


Cannabis has become increasingly mainstream, and perhaps streaming is a large part of that, with shows like Cooking with Cannabis, Bong Appetite, and Cooking on High gaining traction in recent years, now Food Network has joined the fray, bringing cannabis to the uber-popular Chopped series with Chopped 420

Set to premiere on Discovery+ and featuring Ron Funches as host and judges including Esther Choi, Laganja Estranja, Luke Reyes, Sam Talbot, and Taccara Williams; the show follows the familiar form in which four chefs seek to roast the competition through three stages of cooking: an appetizer, main course, and dessert, as a competitor is eliminated at each stage along the way.

Chefs face the familiar picnic basket challenge with an added twist. 


Per a press release, “Besides scouring the Chopped pantry for ingredients, each competitor must also navigate the Chopped green house for cannabis or CBD-infused products to incorporate into their dishes, while competing for a $10,000 prize each episode.”

The initial 5 episodes are already complete and will release together as a stand-alone series.