Easy Mountain dispensary opens to patients

Easy Mountain dispensary opens to patients


Easy Mountain opened for business in Republic this week. The dispensary, located at 7827 W. Farm Road 174, has created a buzz on social media with its pop art/lucid dream aesthetic and folksy colloquialisms. 

But the brand isn’t just about garnering attention with polished graphics and eye-catching imagery, at its roots Easy Mountain is focused on building its brand through customer experience.

On Tuesday Easy Mountain opened its doors to the public for the first time.

It was awesome! We love our community and it was amazing to open up, interact with our patients, and begin serving them,” Easy Mountain Co-Owner, Alex Paulson, told Greenway.

photo credit Easy Mountain

Paulson and his business partner, Drew Beine, have spent the last six months building out the 2500 sq ft facility. What resulted is an open, inviting space, that pops with energy. Walls adorned with stellar graphics and cool colors, and a touch of modern furniture and style give the space a relaxed but upscale feel. The tone set by the setting is much more akin to high-end retail than a doctor’s office or pharmacy, but the staff is welcoming and knowledgeable.

“COVID slowed down our construction process significantly, which ended up being a blessing in disguise due to the limited supply of product,” Paulson explained. “When we are looking for brands and partners we are focused on quality and consistency. We want to proudly say that we carry the ‘highest quality’ products available.” 

Paulson says that a lot went into the selection process, “We have done physical tours, virtual tours, and several meetings to decide what products will go on our shelves. As of now, we have chosen to partner with Clovr, carrying Wana gummies, Robhots, Keef beverages, and prerolls. And we will be carrying products from Heartland Labs.”

“We are looking forward to more manufacturers and cultivators having products available to vet, it’s an exciting time for Missouri’s patients.”


Paulson speaks about Easy Mountain the way a proud parent heralds their child’s achievements. But he continually mentions patients and community, not in a rehearsed-talking-points-way, but in the way that shows the thought is never far.

photo credit Easy Mountain

It’s that attitude that trickles down the mountain, so to say.

“People have had nothing but nice things to say, our community has our back, they’ve shown continuous support of us since day one,” Paulson continued, “We are here to support Republic in the same way they have supported us. Last week we hosted a banquet for our local police force and fire department to answer any questions and show appreciation,” Paulson explained.

Easy Mountain exists to serve, educate, and support our communities through the power of cannabis. We believe in being good neighbors, treating folks with respect, and lending a hand where we can.”

Easy Mountain is open Tuesday through Saturday from noon to 7 p.m.