Meet Three More Missouri Brands: Vertical, Flora Farms, Kind Goods


We continue our brand series in this issue with more Missouri operators who are excited to introduce you to their brands and were kind enough to sit down with us and let us pummel them with questions.  As we get closer to dispensary openings and commencements continue to take place, the excitement about being able to access a new world of brands and product types, we have to restrain ourselves somewhat or we’d wind up with a whole issue around brands.  Wait… there might be something there…but we digress.


The first brand we started with this round is Vertical.  When you think vertical, some of you might think about a line that is up and down in direction, but if you’re familiar with business jargon, a vertical is basically a group of companies and customers that are all revolving around a specific niche.  Such is the case in cannabis, where a vertical is typically a license holder in multiple parts of the supply chain – so in the case of Vertical in Missouri, they hold cultivation, manufacturing, and dispensary licenses.

The Vertical team, led by Chris McHugh, wanted to use the name because they take pride in the fact that literally, from seed to patient, they control the quality at every step of the way.  We aren’t just talking about procuring the best and highest quality seeds, although that’s true.  It’s not just the extremely proficient manufacturing processes they’ll use to make your concentrates, also true. No, these guys are building a state-of-the-art facility that ensures that not only do they plan to grow and manufacture luxury products that are unlike you’ve ever seen but that their footprint on the Earth in terms of harm to the environment is as small as possible.

Some data suggests that cannabis producers in the US use 1% of the nation’s power – that’s significant.  Vertical is doing that differently.  They’re using LED lights, they’re using HVAC systems that are integrated with humidity regulation and they’re outfitting their facilities with the latest in cannabis cultivation technology because they are dedicated to the botanical integrity of the plant and they’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that isn’t compromised.

Understand that this is not a quickest-to-market, stand-up-as-fast-as-possible operation.  This facility will start later than many others with cultivation, but that’s deliberate.  Their plans are extremely detailed, and every single consideration for the facility and the cultivation and manufacturing must be flawless to produce the best product.  This is not ditch weed, not skunk weed, and not a value or mid-tier brand.  This is artisan, craft cannabis.

Not only will this high-end flower be the signature product of Vertical, but they’re planning to come to market in early 2021 with concentrates that are made in-house from their own flower and they bring street cred in spades.  At the time of our interview, several from the Vertical team were in Colorado at Clutch Extracts learning from the masters of extraction and soaking up best practices to bring back to Missouri’s patients.  Vertical will offer patients and partners concentrates like shatter, dabs, butter, batter, wax, diamonds and live resin.  If you aren’t already schooled in what all of these are or how to use them, don’t fret – Vertical will be active in socials and on their website in the months to come with education about all of the above.   In their own branded dispensary, set to open in 2021 in St. Joseph, Missouri, they’ll offer all of these products, equipment, and many more must-have items.

Aside from the hype about the product lines and the premium flower, McHugh was genuine and passionate about the team and the brand representing a respect for the plant.  “We want to produce products that are consistent and exceed expectations, and we know that the plant takes the lead.  The plant is in control and knows best, we aren’t arrogant enough to think that we can deconstruct or recreate the plant.”  The patients’ dispensary visit they have in mind will be the ultimate in sensory experience and will provide education and consultation via telehealth in a private consultative setting.  Education is high on the priority list and they envision arming patients with the information they need about entourage effect, the contents of what they’re purchasing, and how to understand the best recommendations for each individual’s own conditions and needs.

Flora Farms

You might recognize the name Flora Farms from reading about their partnership with Clovr in recent news about the industry.  Headquartered in Humansville, Missouri, Flora Farms has been unapologetic about their confidence in supplying Missouri with cannabis flower – and lots of it.

Readers usually want the answer to this one critical question when we talk to brands so let’s get that one on the table first – When do you anticipate opening your dispensaries? “We plan to begin commencing our dispensaries next month (September) and open as soon as we can maintain consistent access to marijuana products. Most likely by Thanksgiving, but we’d love to open sooner!”

We wanted to learn more about the brand and spent time talking with Matthan Black, Flora’s resident marketing specialist.  As always, we ask about the brand – where did the name and logo come from? “Our entire operation is Flora Farms. From the products we grow in Humansville to the cannabis consultants you get to know at each of our dispensaries, we are Flora Farms. The name Flora comes from the Latin word for plant life which was associated with the Roman goddess of flowering plants. That’s who we are. We’re gardeners and caretakers. People who care for flowering plants and the patients who use them. Our brand is centered around that one fact. Whether it’s the plants we grow, the educational information we provide online, or your personal relationship with our cannabis consultants, we’re here to take care of you.”

Several dispensary license holders have cited their plans for product lines and many are providing a varied range of what they’ll offer.  Says Black about Flora Farms, “We will carry a variety of products in each of our dispensaries. From a large selection of dried flower to edibles, concentrates, and vape cartridges, we will cater to all kinds of consumption methods and dosages. Our cannabis consultants will be available to help patients determine the best products to fit their needs and make sure everyone leaves the dispensary prepared to manage their medical issues.”

Clearly, the partnership with Clovr indicates that the dispensary will also carry other brands, and Black stated that, “We want to give our patients access to the best products in the state. We think that will be the products made with marijuana grown at Flora Farms, but we also want to give our customers options. We will be partnering with other cultivators and manufacturers to give our patients a wide variety of options. We will proudly carry CLOVR brand products. Wana, Keef Cola, and Robhots are trusted names in the marijuana-infused product industry, and we know our customers will enjoy them.”


Keeping in mind that Missouri is a medical-only legal state at the moment, we’re always curious about how dispensaries will address patients’ individual needs, especially when it comes to making product recommendations.  While budtenders are typically well-trained in the basics of cannabis they aren’t clinical resources – so how does Flora Farms intend to ensure patient needs are met?  “While working to get our cultivation facility and dispensaries open we’ve made patient education our focus. has become a platform for presenting educational material through our Grow With Us blog and Cannabis 101 page. We’ve also made it a point to answer as many patient questions as possible through our website and online forums like the Missouri Cannabis Network. This is a priority we’ll continue as we begin operations. Customers will be able to access all of our information from home as well as talk with our Cannabis Consultants in each of our dispensaries. These consultants will be highly skilled in understanding cannabis consumption and will be able to advise each patient on their specific needs.”

Flora Farms also plans on offering somewhat consistent menus from each location, although there will be slight variations based on patient preferences.  “We have the opportunity to provide our patients with exactly what they need at each location and we want to make sure we’re always listening to our patients first.”  Black went on to say that although the dispensaries will carry CBD products, they will not open their doors until they have medical cannabis products to offer, and that their customers don’t really want CBD from them.  “We’re doing our best to be open and transparent with our patient base. We don’t want to add to anyone’s confusion or disappointment.”

As is typical of the brands series, we always end our discussion with operators by asking what the ONE thing is that they’d like readers and potential patients to know about them.  Black was a true brand ambassador with his response, “It’s very simple. We’re hard-working Missourians who believe that a handshake is better than a contract and that if we give you our word we’re gonna see it through. Whether that’s a supply agreement with a dispensary group or a customer interaction at one of our dispensaries, we understand that honesty, openness, and hard work are the only way to give our customers the respect they deserve. And we ask everyone we work with to hold us to that.” Black’s final statement, “​If you’re a medical marijuana patient in Missouri, Flora Farms is what you want. We’ll have the best products, the best people, and the best experience you’ll be able to find anywhere in the state. Flora Farms is where you want to be.”

LSL Cannabis

Missouri’s medical cannabis program includes 192 licensed dispensary operators and each and everyone has a reason for wanting to be in the business of retail.  Many have been entrepreneurs in other industries, some are motivated by their own personal stories about how the plant has made a difference in their lives, others want to help reshape the perceptions of a long-misrepresented prohibited medicine.  LSL, whose dispensary brand is Kind Goods, is the latter.  We talked with the LSL team and they were firm in their commitment to the shift in attitudes as their primary motivator.

Kyle Lenzen provided their philosophy, “Compassion and cannabis go hand in hand. In fact, it is the whole reason we started Kind Goods. We see cannabis as a powerful tool for helping our neighbors live better. From cancer recovery to managing PTSD to aiding people with disabilities, cannabis has an important role to play across the spectrum of human wellness. Unfortunately, stigma and misconceptions prevent too many people from incorporating cannabis into their daily treatment.

“We are on a mission to change these perceptions by demonstrating that supportive, healthy communities can be built around the responsible use of cannabis. We strive to lead by example. That is why giving back through charitable work and local engagement are among our top priorities. Our primary mission is to ensure each and every one of our patients, from first-timers to seasoned consumers, feels welcome in our dispensary, enjoys a friendly experience, and leaves looking forward to their next visit.”

Kind Goods will have three St. Louis-based dispensary locations including St. Peters, Manchester, and Fenton and all will have the same variety of products; the goal to provide a consistent patient experience.  As always we wanted to know what we can expect to see in the dispensaries and among the usual flower, pre-rolls, edibles, vape cartridges and concentrates, the stores will also carry topicals, glass, accessories, clothing, and more.

While Kind Goods will have many things in common with other dispensaries in the area, Lenzen stated, “Kind Goods will operate 3 dispensaries in the St. Louis region. We are 1 of only 3 licensees to be awarded multiple dispensary licenses in Congressional District 2 which covers most of St. Louis County. Each of the dispensaries are in densely populated areas within high-end retail centers comprised of large national retailers. We chose each location based upon the surrounding demographics, traffic counts and visibility. The Kind Goods dispensary in St. Peters, Mo. will be one of the few Missouri dispensaries equipped with a multi-lane drive through which we have branded the “Herb Curb at Kind Goods.”

The focus on patients is a big one for the LSL team – their advisory board includes 2 pharmacists and three doctors, who will be training employees on the medical basics of cannabis use such as properties, benefits, contraindications, interactions, and dosage recommendations.  Lenzen added, “The pharmacists will also author patient education materials and train employees on these materials. For individualized education and counseling regarding interactions with a patient’s health condition, one of the Pharmacists will schedule patient consultations. Our employees will be trained to offer patients these materials and consultative services.”

With a patient-centric focus, it’s easy to see how Kind Goods plans to serve Missouri’s medical patients and you’ll be able to see for yourself in December how the Kind Goods team delivers on their plans.  Opening day inventory and product mix will depend heavily on the ability to source flower and products from cultivators and manufacturers during their go-live operations timeframe.

As readers have come to expect, our last question is always, “If you wanted to make sure there was ONE thing readers should know about Kind Goods – what would it be?” LSL’s team answered without hesitation – “We are born, raised, and reside in St. Louis.  It is a dream come true for us to be able to open a chain of dispensaries in our hometown.”

The closer we get to open dispensaries, the more excited we become about the choices Missouri patients will have when it comes to brands, products, and locations.  We’re ready to celebrate successful stand-ups with Vertical, Flora Farms, and Kind Goods!