Meet Archimedes, the first commenced outdoor grow in Missouri


Licensed and commenced, Perryville-based grow house Archimedes, led by attorney Hayley Rosenblum Dudney and pharmacist Erin Moore, was the second facility to complete and pass commencement inspection in Missouri. The grow is unique, from ownership to operations.

Rosenblum Dudney, Moore

“We are extremely proud to be a female-owned and female-led organization in this emerging industry in Missouri,” Moore said.

Being female-owned and led isn’t the only unique aspect of the grow – the grow is outdoors.

“In addition to being one of the only outdoor grows, Archimedes is unique in that our facility was once part of the largest greenhouse operation in the state of Missouri,” Dudney said. “Many members of the previous family-owned operation have been retained by Archimedes, providing a wealth of incomparable horticulture knowledge and skills.”

The operation is using carefully selected genetics and fastidious planning, giving them confidence that they will be able to get more than one harvest in this year – Dudney said they are also confident that they will be first to market in the state – their first harvest is scheduled for early to mid-August.

Read more about the operation and its journey below.

What should Greenway readers know about Archimedes, as a company?

Dudney: Archimedes chose not to seek licenses for dispensaries or manufacturing, instead focusing solely on cultivating the highest quality medical marijuana for Missouri patients. Our commitment to cultivation is evidenced by recruiting and retaining some of the most experienced growers in the country. Combined, our top 4 growers have over 140 years of cultivation expertise.


With that, our business model centers around creating alliances between dispensaries and infused product facilities to not only allow the very best products to reach patients but to also avoid potential conflicts-of-interest resulting from operating licenses outside of cultivation. Since its inception, Archimedes has sought to partner with, instead of compete against, our customers. 

Initially, we will cultivate over 50 exclusive strains with a variety of unique terpene profiles.

Why medical marijuana?

Dudney: Growing up as the daughter of a prominent criminal defense attorney, I was exposed to the criminalization of marijuana at a very young age. I personally witnessed prosecutors seeking excessive amounts of jail time for young people charged with possessing relatively small amounts of marijuana. As I began to investigate this miscarriage of justice in law school, I soon began to understand the significant medical benefits marijuana provides to patients.

Three months into my career as a criminal defense attorney, I sustained a debilitating back injury that left me bedridden for months. It was during this time that I began to explore the possibilities of applying for a medical marijuana cultivation license. Soon after, I met my partner, Erin Moore, a licensed pharmacist who has considerable knowledge and expertise in cannabinoid pharmacology.

Moore: I became intrigued by medical marijuana in pharmacy school. Although it wasn’t legal in Missouri at that time, it was becoming legal in many other states, and I felt that the curriculum should cover the topic. Unfortunately, the only thing that we were taught is that marijuana is a Schedule I controlled substance with no medical benefits. Clearly, this is very untrue. So, I took it upon myself to become educated on the topic and quickly developed a passion. I knew I had to follow this passion which is exactly what lead me down the path of joining the medical marijuana industry in my home state of Missouri.

How was the application, verification, and commencement experience?

Moore: Honestly, the experience has been quite the rollercoaster ride. There have been ups, downs, anticipation, and plenty of unexpected turns. I think everyone at Archimedes would agree that while the entire process has been one of the most difficult things we’ve ever done, our passion and dedication to medical marijuana and this industry has only grown with time. We feel a great sense of pride in our accomplishments thus far, and it is a privilege to be one of the first licensed cultivators in Missouri approved to grow medical marijuana to Missouri patients.