First inspections emphasize operational compliance, security consultant says

First inspections emphasize operational compliance, security consultant says


Two inspections were completed this week by the Department of Health and Senior Services Section for Medical Marijuana.

Cultivation facilities, the first needed to go online, were walked by inspectors and compliance staff examining all corners of build-outs while going through their inspection checklist to verify compliance with the facility application and department rules.

Joe Patterson (pictured, right), CEO and co-founder of Ceres Management – a compliance and security firm in St. Louis – was present at inspection this week. He said that the bulk of inquiries focused on operational compliance.

“While all aspects of the facilities’ operation were inspected, it was clear that security was a priority for the inspectors,” Patterson said. “The inspectors wanted to ensure that all the proper security measures were in place and that facility staff understood them and knew how to use them.  This includes an in-depth inspection of the camera systems and its capabilities.”

Patterson said the inspection took several hours and was thorough.


“Overall, I would say the inspection was very thorough and it was clear to me the application was well studied by the inspectors,” Patterson said. “The entire process took over 3 hours to complete with a team of four inspectors.”

Patterson said, “In short, everything on the application and the checklists. Primarily, security was the main concern and then a general preparedness to operate.”

“The Department is ready,” he said. “The inspectors were well-versed in the regulations and asked poignant questions.  It was clear to me that they fully understood the regulations and what practical application of the regulations should look like at a facility.”

Two additional inspections are scheduled.