MoCannTrade calls on DHSS to review suspected scoring issues in letter

Not yet 24 hours removed from an appearance in front of a crowded MoCannTrade meeting the association has issued a letter to Director Lyndall Fraker and the staff of DHSS’ Medical Marijuana Program citing a significant discrepancy in the scoring of  Question #47.

It is however our responsibility to speak up when possible systemic problems impacting the whole industry arise, including those in the scoring process. Based on significant feedback from our members, we believe there may be an issue with the scoring of question 47 on the cultivation application. 

Question #47 asks applicants: What is your marketing plan, including to whom, method of delivery, and costs? The answer is limited to 1000 words and is scored 0-10 using DHSS’s scoring criteria guide, which can be found here: marijuana/pdf/medical-marijuana-scorer-guide-preamble.pdf 

This week we analyzed the scoring to this question and came up with some interesting data. Of the 577 cultivation applications, an unheard of 384 (67%) scored a zero on this question. Likewise, only 6% scored a four on the question and only 3% scored a seven, with the remaining 25% scoring a ten. Those scoring a zero on this question include winning and losing applicants alike. “


The numbers are alarming and it will be important for DHSS to give a clear and undestandable response in a timely manner.

However, it seems unlikely DHSS will issue a response today as the Department is hosting a forum on vaping regulation in Jefferson City this evening.

You can read the full text of the MoCannTrade letter below.