Terrapin Care Station looks to expand in Missouri with Kansas City applications

Terrapin Care Station looks to expand in Missouri with Kansas City applications


Terrapin Care Station is a consumer-focused cultivator, processor, and provider of high quality medical and retail cannabis products. From humble beginnings starting in 2009 in an office park in south Boulder, Colorado, Terrapin has blossomed into a national influencer with over 250 employees and six vertically integrated dispensaries in Colorado.

But, it isn’t your run of the mill cultivator. Terrapin is an industry pioneer. It plants local roots and is hoping to plant here in Missouri.

“Terrapin distinguishes itself from other cannabis companies by walking its own path, placing patients, compliance, and community above all else while remaining an independent industry thought leader,” Terrapin Care founder, owner, and chief executive Chris Woods said. “In a constantly changing landscape, Terrapin has successfully navigated the twists and turns of the cannabis industry for a decade.”

That path has also generated a wealth of institutional knowledge, making Terrapin one of the nation’s most responsible and successful regulated cannabis companies. Terrapin’s principals are viewed as industry experts and have helped develop rules, regulations and internal operating procedures that govern the cannabis industry today.

Terrapin also cares.  It has developed a comprehensive employee training program to help its staff provide information and guidance to medical marijuana patients.


“We understand that medical cannabis is new in Missouri and that patients are going to have questions,” Woods said. “As one of the first licensees in Pennsylvania, we initially found that some patients, doctors, and dispensary staff lacked an understanding of fundamental concepts related to medical cannabis. To address this, we developed a staff-training program consisting of five two-hour educational sessions. This will be passed along to patients in the form of one-on-one consultations and public education campaigns.”

Terrapin currently has licenses in Colorado, Pennsylvania, and it was recently pre-qualified with local approval for a license and Michigan. It applied for one cultivation, one processing, and four dispensary licenses in the Kansas City area, with locations scattered throughout the city. It is already actively involved with non-profits in the state such as the Veterans Community Project in Kansas City.

“We are bigger than just cannabis,” Woods said. “We work to lead the industry in a socially conscious movement that supports thriving communities through advocacy, innovation, responsible policymaking and collaboration with community programs and leaders.”


PHOTO/Courtesy of Terrapin Care Station