SOS accepting comments on IP to legalize marijuana

SOS accepting comments on IP to legalize marijuana


A new initiative petition (IP) was filed with the Secretary of State’s office last week that would legalize marijuana in Missouri. 

The IP, filed on Sep 27 and currently accepting public comment, aims to amend Article XIV of the Constitution by creating a second section, Section 2. Marijuana Legalization, Regulation, and Taxation.

If passed, the amendment would make marijuana legal for adults 21 and over, and would allow commercial production and distribution of marijuana and marijuana products while establishing licensing, regulations, and taxes to govern a legal program.

Highlights of the IP

The IP assigns the implementation of the legal program and its regulation to stay at DHSS, presumably to be adminstered by the already established Medical Marijuana Program staff.

DHSS would have the power to license facilities, promulgate rules, and allows for the creation of additional business license types including: delivery, storage, and consumption, and scientific research and education.

The IP calls for DHSS to issue a minimum of 60 cultivation facility licenses, 84 manufacturing facilities, and 192 dispensary licenses mirroring the number of licenses for medical marijuana. 

Another section of the IP specifies that all records produced or retained are subject to the sunshine law and specifies that “The presence of proprietary business information shall not justify the closure of public records.”


Within 270 days DHSS is required to make available application forms and instructions, for all license types and certifications.

Taxing Marijuana

The IP outlines a 15% sales tax.

The tax would be dedicated for the Veterans, Infrastructure, and Health Fund – administered by the state treasurer.

The IP outlines the distribution chain;

  • The department receives 2% or less to recover costs
  • Local government where sale was completed would receive 3/15.
  • ⅓ of the remainder of the fund balance to Missouri veterans commission and allied state agencies as determined by appropriation – exclusively for healthcare and services for military veterans and their families
  • ⅓ of the remainder of the fund balance to state road fund article iv section 30b for constructing and maintaining an adequate system of connected state highways
  • ⅓ of the remainder of the fund balance to the department to provide grants to existing agencies and not-for-profit organizations – dedicated to substance abuse therapies


If you are interested in conveying your thoughts as to these referendum petitions, please contact the Secretary of State’s office by:

  • Submitting a comment form to Elections Division, State Information Center, 600 West Main Street, Jefferson City, MO 65101.
  • Calling the Elections Division at 800-669-8683