Swin Dispensaries hope to offer cannabis in SWMO locations

Blake Bryan Swindall, owner and operator of Swin Dispensaries, plans to develop his Southwest Missouri hemp dispensaries into full cannabis dispensaries. 

Swindall is a Missouri native with a science background.

“Swin is owned by someone who grew up in southwest Missouri,” Swindall told Greenway Magazine. “Whose family, friends, and businesses are all local in Missouri. My home is in Missouri, in Hollister, Missouri, where I wish to set up my headquarters for our cannabis company. Our company is invested in the community and personally, I am invested. I am running for Mayor of Hollister, MO in 2020. With cannabis and American family values, Swin and the owner is invested in proliferating the quality of life for Missourians, locally and across the State. Anything less is unacceptable for our patients. We hope to push other cannabis companies into the same high standards we want for ourselves – becoming archetypes for a better cannabis industry.”

PHOTO/Submitted – SWIN LLC

Swindall’s background is in organic chemistry and biochemistry medicinal plant science. 

“My time in college pushes my ideas that cannabis is a sustainable, world-changing plant with its cannabinoid, terpene, enzyme profile,” Swindall said. “Science is always growing and changing. Forever changing the status quo of schools of thought or cultural norms. Cannabis’ rebirthed hold on our society is the symbolic human desire for a greater existence and within that a healthy, peaceful, and abundant environment. The cannabis plant can provide such systemic change.”

Swindall looks to futurist inventors, professors, and storytellers for inspiration, hoping to make the future a “grander, happier future.” Swindall not only has a science background but has years of experience in business management on the corporate side.

“I am now a proud owner of the Midwest’s First Cannabis Hemp Dispensaries, Swin Dispensaries,” Swindall said. “Exclusive Cannabis Hemp strains of the country’s highest potency, award-winning CBD Flower and Swin-Partnered Manufactured CBD products. I operate our Hemp Dispensaries as a Medical Dispensary, asking about ailments the customer wishes to touch on, what’s the best product or Cannabis strain and method of use all while teaching them about the properties of the Plant; teaching about the different cannabinoids, the different terpene profiles, and the different Strains of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. Our great reviews and happy, returning customers lights a fire inside me. I wish to move further with our Missouri Medical Marijuana program to give the community an already trusted source for their Cannabis. When I take on a task and say I am going to do something, I do it and I complete those tasks with high work ethic standards and with humility so that customers and the community gains a quality businessman and a man for his community. Growing as a person and seeking to help our communities is as exciting to me as a cultivators growth of their Medical Cannabis. That is why I, with humble beginnings and success from hard work have applied for a Medical Cannabis Dispensary License.”

PHOTO/Submitted – SWIN LLC

Swin Dispensaries will provide a large spectrum of indica, hybrid, and sativa strains “with varying terpene profiles to better facilitate the diverse issues that our diverse patients will require,” if awarded a license by the state. 

“This further thought into THC:CBD ratios and terpene profiles facilitate a greater medical synergy of the plant with interacting with our bodies,” Swindall said. “Those specifics in concentrates, edibles, tinctures, topicals carries the same ideas for specific strain and terpene types. My partnership with Green Oasis Manufacturing is greater hope for our inventory. We wish to carry products that we put our skill and care into, as well as, provide this patient-oriented infused products for our state’s dispensaries. As cultivators become set up, Swin will gain partnerships in cultivation, as we have done with our cannabis hemp strains, to grow exclusive strains just for our dispensary. This will further the idea that we take care of our products and seek only the best for our deserving patients.”

Further, Swin has letters of intent with several other prospective cultivators, in addition to Green Oasis Manufacturing. 


“When we get into business relationships with cultivators and manufactures we will look to work with only genuine special growers and manufacturers that create the highest quality flower and most unique infused products,” Swindall said.

At Swindall’s hemp dispensaries, he strives to reduce plastic waste and will extend the goal to a cannabis dispensary. 

“One of my biggest concerns with Missouri’s medical marijuana industry is the high use of plastic waste in transactions and for packaging,” Swindall said. “Swin’s Hemp Dispensaries do not create plastic waste in our transactions. Our shipping and store materials, like labels (Calcium Carbonate), Baggies and Carry-Out Bags (BioPlastic) is the void of plastic buildup and pollution to our communities. The Cannabis Industry should be world leaders in plant-based industries. SWIN will champion such cause and influence other companies into this feasible act, because our two locations already accel as no plastic waste created in our transactions. In the Medical Marijuana space, we will continue these practices with companies that have regulated packaging standards and biodegradable materials.

Swindall’s two dispensary applications are of over 1,163 dispensary applications. Over 2,100 facility license applications were submitted to the state. The state will award licenses before December 31, 2019.

Find Swindall’s hemp dispensaries online and on social media.

Swin Dispensaries has locations in Hollister and Springfield.