Canada earmarks US $18 million towards cannabis research

Canada earmarks US $18 million towards cannabis research

Canada will lead the world on cannabis research, allocating $24.5 million (USD $18 million) towards 26 research projects, including research into migraine treatment, youth use and education, and cannabinoid hypermesis.

The 26 research projects are expected to be completed in April 2020.

The funding comes in federal legislation, announced last week by Organized Crime Reduction Minister Bill Blair.

“The work that is done here … is going to make the world a better, healthier and safer place,” Blair said. “For too long many people have based their medical use of cannabis on anecdotal evidence, and frankly that’s not good enough.”

Cannabinoid hyperemesis is a condition that causes vomiting and severe nausea after the use of cannabis. Cannabis advocacy groups have sought out more research on the syndrome.


Edibles are set to become legal in Canada in October.

Canada legalized medical marijuana in 2001 and expanded legalization in 2018.

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