710 data shows boosted sales and surge for infused pre-rolls

710 data shows boosted sales and surge for infused pre-rolls

As the cannabis industry gears up for 710, also known as “Dab Day,” retailers are anticipating a surge in sales of higher-dose products, particularly dabs and concentrates.

710 has become a secondary sales rush holiday in the US, an annual celebration on July 10 akin to 420 for the concentrate community.

With retailers and vendors spotlighting products like oils, waxes, and shatter, consumers flock to dispensaries to find the best deals and newest products.

Custom Cones USA CEO, Harrison Bard, recently spoke to Greenway about the trending data underscoring the significant impact of this holiday on cannabis sales, with a particular emphasis on the burgeoning market for infused pre-rolls.

In Missouri, infused pre-rolls have become an instant classic. From the launch of the VIBE Hash Hole to Monopoly Melts, Sinse Fire to the newly rolled out Tumble by Timeless, the infused preroll selection in Missouri’s cannabis marketplaces is growing exponentially.

Surge in Infused Pre-Roll Sales

Infused pre-rolls, which combine cannabis concentrate with flower, have emerged as a top choice among consumers seeking high-potency products. According to Bard, data from Custom Cones USA, derived from Headset analytics, infused pre-rolls accounted for an impressive 46.3% of sales within the pre-roll sector as of April 2024. This translates to a staggering 8.47 million units sold in just one month.

The financial growth in this segment has been equally remarkable. Sales dollars for infused pre-rolls have doubled since April 2022, soaring from $58.5 million to $110.6 million by April 2024. This surge reflects a broader industry trend where consumers are increasingly seeking potent, flavorful, and premium-priced cannabis products.


Consumer Preferences and Market Trends

Bard highlights the driving force behind this trend: consumer demand for high-potency products. “The most common thing customers are asking budtenders is what the highest potency products are, which has propelled the rise of infused pre-rolls across the industry. Right now, infused pre-rolls are the fastest-growing segment and the top-selling pre-roll products; in fact, 9 of the top 10 pre-roll products on shelves are infused,” says Bard.

This consumer preference for potency aligns with the broader market dynamics observed around 710. Retailers are strategically stocking up on concentrates and infused products, anticipating heightened sales driven by enthusiasts celebrating Dab Day.

Strategic Preparations by Retailers

In preparation for 710, many retailers are focusing on stocking products that cater to the increased demand for concentrates and infused pre-rolls.

The holiday provides an opportunity for cannabis businesses to attract and retain customers by offering a variety of high-potency products, promotional deals, and educational content about different concentrate forms.

For consumers, 710 represents a chance to explore the diverse world of cannabis concentrates and infused products, often with the added benefit of special offers and limited-time releases from their favorite brands.

Looking ahead, we’ve seen the data show the growth of 420 and sales implications year over year, now we see a similar impact of 710 on the cannabis industry is profound, with a significant uptick in sales, particularly for infused pre-rolls and concentrates. The data provided by Custom Cones USA underscores the growing consumer preference for high-potency cannabis products and highlights the strategic importance of this holiday for retailers. As 710 approaches, both consumers and businesses are gearing up for a celebration that continues to drive innovation and growth within the cannabis market.