Breaking stigmas together: Kind Goods and Even Chance Pit Bull Rescue

Breaking stigmas together: Kind Goods and Even Chance Pit Bull Rescue


For decades, stigma and general misunderstanding have led to harmful stereotypes and ineffective, harmful laws and rulemaking.

Bias and a lack of education, coupled with rhetoric and scare tactics, created a culture of oppression. At their worst, these laws tore families and communities apart. At their best, they led to a lack of understanding and empathy, but never were they needed or useful.

While those sentences definitely apply to cannabis, the focal point of that introduction was on pit bulls and bully-breed dogs.

Recently, Kind Goods partnered with Even Chance, a non-profit pit bull rescue that focuses on advocacy, education, and resources.

Even Chance is dedicated to breaking the stigma against the pit bull breed, much in the same way that Kind Goods is helping to destigmatize cannabis consumption.

This collaboration represents a powerful alliance between two organizations committed to challenging misconceptions and fostering understanding within their respective fields.

Lindsay Hof of Kind Goods highlights the synergy between the two organizations, stating, “One of the things Even Chance is committed to is breaking the stigma against the pit bull breed. It is similar to how we at Kind Goods feel about breaking the stigma towards cannabis.” This shared mission of combating stigma forms the foundation of their partnership, aiming to educate the public and promote positive change.

Kind Goods and Even Chance have an exciting lineup of collaborative events planned for the rest of the year. These events are designed to engage the community, promote adoption, and raise awareness about the positive aspects of both pit bulls and cannabis.

In-Store Adoption and Meet-and-Greet Events

Starting in September, as the weather cools down, Kind Goods will host in-store adoption events and meet-and-greets. These events provide an opportunity for the community to meet and interact with adoptable pit bulls, learn about the breed, and potentially find their new furry family member.


Festival Collaborations

The partnership will also extend to popular local events such as the Grub and Groove festival, typically held in Francis Park. This festival, which has grown significantly over the years, may be moving to a new venue this year. Collaborating at such festivals allows both organizations to reach a broader audience and foster a greater understanding of their missions.

Supporting Even Chance Through Sales

In a bid to support Even Chance further, Kind Goods plans to collaborate with Daybreak Cannabis, introducing their “dogwalkers” (a five-pack of 0.3g pre-rolls) into the project. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these products will go directly to Even Chance, providing much-needed funds to support their advocacy and rehabilitation efforts.

Breaking Stigmas

The common thread tying Kind Goods and Even Chance together is their dedication to breaking down the stigmas surrounding their industries. Even Chance works tirelessly to foster and rehabilitate pit bulls, educating the public about the breed and dispelling myths and misconceptions while promoting responsible ownership of pit bulls. Similarly, Kind Goods is committed to educating consumers about cannabis, providing knowledge to enhance their experiences and challenge outdated perceptions.

“We believe our partnership will widen both audiences, helping educate the public about the pit bull breed and cannabis consumption,” Hof states. This partnership not only aims to support and rehabilitate pit bulls but also to foster a more informed and accepting community regarding cannabis use.

By joining forces, Kind Goods and Even Chance are set to make a significant impact, educating the public and normalizing both pit bulls and cannabis. The partnership is a testament to the power of collaboration in driving social change.

For more information on the partnership and to see upcoming events, visit Even Chance’s Facebook or Instagram and follow Kind Goods on Instagram.