Monarch Waste Co. expands to Kansas City, Missouri

Monarch Waste Co. expands to Kansas City, Missouri


Monarch Waste Co. is excited to announce it has expanded to Kansas City, Missouri. In providing licensed cannabis facilities with tailored waste management solutions, Monarch Waste Co. ensures waste is properly managed and disposed of in compliance with the law.

Its waste management services handle all hazardous, non-hazardous, compostable, and non-compostable needs. In addition to compliance, Monarch values sustainability. Plant waste is composted, reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions and returning nutrients to the soil.

“Since 2021, our service area has consistently grown, and this year, we’re excited to finally expand our services to the cannabis industry in Kansas City, MO,” said Zach McCullough, CEO and Co-Founder of Monarch Waste Co. “With every new partnership we have with other cannabis brands, we create a more sustainable future for businesses and the planet.”

Founders Zach McCullough and Annie Macheca are passionate about ecology, environmentalism, and helping communities thrive. After the 2018 legalization of medical marijuana in Missouri, the two were eager to join the state’s cannabis industry. When they saw Missouri’s cannabis industry was missing reliable, government-compliant cannabis waste removal, they established Monarch Waste Co. in 2021.


Based in St. Louis, the family-owned business operates in 23 cities and has diverted over 215,000 pounds of waste from landfills since opening. Learn more and schedule a pick-up by going to



Monarch Waste Co. provides comprehensive, government-compliant cannabis waste management services, efficiently removing all hazardous and non-hazardous waste from licensed cultivation, manufacturing, dispensary, and testing facilities. These services ensure compliance with the state of Missouri’s cannabis regulations and promote environmental sustainability, all while being affordable and convenient. For more information, please visit