Brands to Watch: MAJOR

Brands to Watch: MAJOR


2024 marks a new beginning for marijuana companies in Missouri. A thriving adult use market that brought in more than $1 billion in recreational sales has helped to foster a healthy and hyper-competitive market. Missouri is currently home to more than 200 different brands and more than 10,000 products. As the market grows new brands and products continue to appear. Greenway looks to highlight Brands to Watch. Companies and brands ranging from homegrown talent and design, to out-of-state players looking to make a big impact, the brands featured here are those that are moving the needle.

Launching in Missouri this year, MAJOR has quickly emerged as a consumer favorite.

Since its debut in Washington State in March 2019, MAJOR has become the top-selling THC beverage in the United States, according to Headset.

Known for its punchy, high-dose THC products that deliver a consistent, enjoyable experience without the typical cannabis taste or smell, MAJOR is a perfect cannabis companion for those who prefer edibles to a traditional smoke or a more time-consuming dab, providing a much more rapid onset than your average edible – roughly 15-20 minutes on average. Allowing consumers to experience effects quickly and predictably.

Launching with its popular “Small But Mighty” 2oz shots, which include flavors like Fruit Punch, Blackberry Lemonade, and Blueberry, each containing a robust 100 mg of THC, MAJOR makes a MAJOR impact.

What is your brand identity about?

MAJOR is fun, colorful, and bold.

MAJOR is great-tasting, fast-acting, and hard-hitting.

MAJOR is dose-able, resealable, and mixable.

MAJOR has been a visible brand and a favorite in other markets, what changes have gone into perfecting the vision as you expand in Missouri?

Choosing the right product to launch with and strong market support are the key. 100 mg of THC in a 2 oz bottle at an affordable price will have fast market penetration alone, when backed up with education, retail marketing, and live sampling the impact doubles.

What values or ideas does MAJOR represent?

MAJOR is all about making the moment special. A night on the town with friends or a simple evening on the couch with a movie are all enhanced with MAJOR. Moments big and small are all better if you Live Life MAJOR.


What, if any, changes have you had to make with the new packaging requirements in Missouri, and how do you feel that impacts your brand?

The changes were small, and we’re excited about the look of our products in Missouri. A simplified color scheme makes for a bold and modern design, in-line with MAJOR’s brand identity.

What should we expect to see from MAJOR this year in Missouri and other markets?

We believe MAJOR is going to have a significant impact in Missouri’s beverage market. Innovation and expansion are core elements of MAJOR’s DNA and we expect to bring new flavors and formats to Missouri and the other seven states where MAJOR is currently available.

What differentiates MAJOR from some of the competitors in an increasingly crowded market?

MAJOR’s great taste, fast onset, small size, 100mg THC, and value-based pricing fills a significant need in Missouri. Major is also resealable, dose-able, and mixable which are all advantages in the market.

What made Stash House the right partner for you in Missouri?

“Stash House provides quality standards for production that not every producer can provide and their ability to navigate the regulatory environment was important for us. As a distributor, the systems, organization and leadership that are in place are at a level that put it near the top of all cannabis distributors we work with” – John Kueber CEO

Who is your target audience or consumer base?

MAJOR’s target audience is the heavy cannabis user who is looking for a product that “packs a punch” while being fun and affordable.

What do you want customers to pull from your brand?

Ultimately, we want customers to experience MAJOR and agree that we’re delivering on all of our value statements. We’re confident in our great-tasting product, fast-acting effects, and flexibility of usage…and we want our customers to have that same confidence.