High Scores: Blackberry Eclipse Go Pen by Good Day Farm

High Scores: Blackberry Eclipse Go Pen by Good Day Farm


Ahead of the total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, Good Day Farm unveils its Blackberry Eclipse GO Pen.

This limited edition vape pen, inspired by the celestial phenomenon, seeks to mesmerize consumers with its exquisite flavor blend and exceptional design. But does it succeed?

I’m a huge fan of vapes, it’s my preferred consumption method. And as much as I may be chastised for it – I prefer distillate vapes. I need my booze fruity and my vapes tasty.

I’m not a cannabis connoisseur, I’m truly a consumer. I smoke because I enjoy it.

I want an enjoyable flavor, I want a pleasant smell. I want something that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

In all those ways, the Blackberry Eclipse by Good Day Farm delivers. I usually stay away from disposables because of the additional carbon footprint, but the GO Pen was easy to use, breath draw, and easily fit in my pocket – which are some of the most important criteria for me in a disposable. The flavor is great, it’s subtle but consistent and really well balanced.

The outer packaging is one of my favorite’s in the state with the pull tab design. While this isn’t the most potent vape on the market, it was one of my favorites top to bottom and those that I shared it with had nothing but positives to say about Blackberry Eclipse.


Hardware Score: 9

The Blackberry Eclipse GO Pen is simplistic but executes well. Featuring intuitive a breathdraw battery pen is easy to use, consistent, and reliable. The only ding I can give is that it’s disposable and therefore creates more waste than I would prefer, personally.

Visual Purity Score: 9

The pen’s waxy, translucent yellow distillate signals a high degree of purity and quality, surpassing expectations.

Consistency Score: 9

This vape’s output isn’t overwhelming and is impressively consistent, delivering a reliable and pleasurable experience. The distillate consistency inside the cartridge is nearly perfect and is great in concert with the hardware.

Heat Needed Score: 10

Notable for its efficiency, the Blackberry Eclipse GO Pen requires minimal effort to produce optimal vapor, a testament to the synergy between the hardware and the oil.

Initial Flavor Score: 9

From a distinct botanical berry start to a sweet, tart finish, the pen’s flavor journey is a work of art. The natural, fruity taste, enriched by vivid floral terpenes, offers a unique and refreshing experience.

Harshness Score: 10

The vape’s draw is exceptionally smooth and gentle, devoid of any harshness, no matter how frequently or how long I puffed, it was never harsh.

Potency Score: 7

While it excels in flavor and user experience, the pen’s potency is more suited to casual or moderate users, allowing a wider audience to enjoy its distinctive qualities without overwhelming effects.

Effect Score: 9

The overall effect is balanced and satisfying, making it appropriate for various settings and purposes. This moderate intensity complements its flavor, providing an experience perfect for an afternoon on the porch staring at the sky.

Late Flavor Score: 10

The flavor remains faithful to its initial profile even after prolonged use a big bonus for a disposable.

Repeat Excitement Score: 9

Given its superior performance in all aspects, along with its innovative concept, the pen ensures high customer satisfaction and re-engagement. Despite environmental considerations, its advantages make it a favored option for many.

High Score 91

Grade A-

The Blackberry Eclipse GO Pen by Good Day Farm is a must-grab for vape lovers.


The 10-point grading system used to score and evaluate cannabis products by Patients was produced in collaboration with Patrick Waibel, a renowned cultivator and consultant. The grading system aims to remove bias and determine the best qualities of marijuana products based on specific criteria and merit.