Dispensary Recommendations: Spring bud to brighten your day


Each month Patients asks a handful of the best dispensary representatives from around the state to give a recommendation for their favorite, or the most popular, product at their dispensary. Dispensary staff give their recommendations based on personal preference, personal taste, or customer feedback. If you’d like to nominate your favorite budtender or dispensary, drop us a line here.

Check out what some of Missouri’s best are loving right now.

Red Delicious Live Rosin | VIBE

Jaiden McClure of Sunrise Dispensary shows off the VIBE Red Delicious and the Zenco

Jaiden McClure | Sunrise Dispensary 

I really love VIBE’s Red Delicious live extract as it gives wonderful flavor along paired with a good high. 

To fully appreciate the Red Delicious, I recommend pairing this product with a Zenco. The delicious and fruity crisp apple flavors can be easily identified and enjoyed from the smooth hit of Zenco’s tabletop smoker. 

Once smoked, Red Delicious offers a euphoric vibe, with a complete body relaxation that helps clear my mind after a long day and happily melt into my sofa. This is for sure a strain that’ll have you questioning whether your sofa or bed is the better place for sleep tonight!

Clementine Flower | C4

Justin Huff of Easy Mountain with C4 products in hand

Justin Huff | Easy Mountain


In a state full of cannabis choices, Clementine by C4 stands out as a legendary strain, and I, Justin the Budtender, proudly wield it as my flower of choice at Easy Mountain. This strain, akin to the finest elixirs, boasts tangie terpenes that dance with euphoric energy on the taste buds like a sorcerer’s spell. Just as a seasoned adventurer selects the perfect gear for a quest, I’ve carefully chosen Clementine to accompany fellow enthusiasts on a journey of elevated sensations. 

So, let the aromatic clouds of Clementine envelope you, and embark on a euphoric quest that rivals the most captivating campaigns in the realm!

Blood Orange Sativa 1:1 | Wyld

Paige Wright showcases the WYLD Orange Sative 1:1 gummies at Besame Wellness

Paige Wright | Besame Wellness

Wyld Blood Orange Sativa 1:1 with CBC is my favorite gummy on the market. The CBC has anti-inflammatory properties, making it an amazing pre or post-workout edible! I take one each morning to help with symptoms of anxiety throughout the day and have noticed they actually make me feel very social and focused! These gummies are also made with real fruit; so not only are you also getting the benefits from the fruit itself, it also makes the consistency of the gummy a bit softer! 

Slurricane Flower | Nuthera

Fresh Karma Dispensary’s Jessica Wright is all in on Nuthera flower

Jessica Wright | Fresh Karma Dispensary

Slurricane from Nuthera is an 80/20 Indica leaning Hybrid that is the perfect bud to come home to after a long day. The way it melts all of your stress away, both mental and physical, is a must-have for everyday life! Beautifully heavy body high that doesn’t leave you with that “hung over” feeling and just enough of a head high to keep you giggling and upbeat!