MoCann Testing named Best Testing Lab by Greenway readers for the second time

MoCann Testing named Best Testing Lab by Greenway readers for the second time

In an industry where attention often bypasses the crucial backstage players, MoCann Testing has once again been recognized by industry participants and peers. Named Best Testing Facility by Greenway readers for the second time. This accolade underscores the pivotal role testing labs play in the burgeoning medical cannabis sector, highlighting MoCann Testing’s commitment to ensuring the safety and integrity of marijuana products across Missouri.

Founded in 2013 as a division of EKG labs, MoCann Testing has charted a course of excellence in the realm of cannabis testing. The founders, bringing over 50 years of combined experience in pharmaceutical science and a deep-seated passion for cannabis, sought to fill a critical need in the state’s medicinal marijuana landscape.

When we decided to jump into marijuana testing from pharmaceutical testing, we wanted to make sure we brought our passion for analytical testing and understanding of stringent regulatory expectations to the Missouri marijuana market,” MoCann Testing’s Director of Operations, Natalie Brown, explained. “Our strong foundation in numerous analytical techniques, our adherence to cGMP/GLP regulations, and years of practical experience gives us the tools to help our clients achieve their goals and to ensure individuals feel confident in the safety when consuming. We take extreme pride in compliance and attributes such as being voted Best Testing Lab are proof of just that!”

Brown recently spoke to Green about the success and growth of the facility and the industry.

2023 was an exciting time for our company with the onset of adult use and the new rules and regulations. We added Vitamin E Acetate and Terpenes to our ISO 17025 accreditation (specifies the general requirements for the competence, impartiality and consistent operation of laboratories). We added employees, laboratory equipment, and vehicle resources which helped accommodate the increased demand,” Brown explained.

The leadership team, comprising Jennifer Eagan, Dr. Allen Kesselring, and Katie Grayson, alongside Brown, has been instrumental in steering MoCann Testing toward success. Their backgrounds, ranging from quality assurance and regulatory compliance to scientific research and operational management, have provided MoCann Testing with a multifaceted perspective on the industry’s challenges and opportunities. That leadership, combined with the strength of its staff, has helped to propel MoCann Testing to the front of the industry. “Our employees are no doubt the best in the business,” Brown told Greenway. “Their willingness to solve testing challenges, go the extra mile for our clients, remain compliant to internal operating procedures, all while keeping the company’s mission at the forefront are only SOME of the reasons they are best and make MoCann Testing who we are. Not to mention, some of the most fun and enjoyable individuals to work with!”

On top of the lab’s professional success, MoCann Testing has prioritized working with and educating the community. “MoCann Testing participated in two onsite testing events for patients, patient caregivers, and patient home growers to help them evaluate the potency profile of their products,” Brown reflected. “MoCann Testing also collaborated with Saint Louis University Cannabis Science and Operations Program highlighting various aspects of cannabis testing including testing requirements, compliance and regulatory, and benefits of medical cannabis. Each part included a PowerPoint presentation and a live Q&A for the students in the program. We recently hosted a tour for the Saint Louis Community College Students to learn how testing is done and what is required to ensure product safety!”

With the launch of adult use, what changes did your company see or make in 2023?

As expected, sample testing increased significantly. Our lab added additional resources such as transportation vehicles, personnel, & equipment. I think the biggest change however, was the Department of Cannabis Regulation (DCR) rule changes. Our lab added Vitamin E Acetate and Terpene testing to our ISO 17025 certification. With this, came vigorous validation execution. As exciting as it was to be the first testing laboratory approved to operate in Missouri, we are just as thrilled to be the first laboratory to add Vitamin E Acetate testing to our scope.

What plans are on the horizon for the company? 

As DCR requires anything that the laboratory tests to be a part of the lab’s ISO 17025 certification, we are taking imitative steps toward adding Hops Latent Viroid testing to our certification!

Can you tell us about some of the employees or leadership that help push your success?

Jennifer Eagan

Director of Regulatory and Compliance/Founding Member

After graduating from the University of Missouri – Saint Louis in 2000, Ms. Eagan began her career working as a Quality Assurance Associate at the Missouri-Illinois Region of the America Red Cross. In 2007, Ms. Eagan accepted a similar role at Cyanta Analytical Services where she co-established and managed their Quality System. In 2010, Ms. Eagan was promoted to Director of Quality Assurance and became solely responsible for maintaining, enforcing, and defending their Quality System. Ms. Eagan has an immaculate quality record as she has hosted several Regulatory Inspections with zero observations.


Dr. Allen Kesselring

Chief Science Officer/Founding Member

A native of the state, Dr. Allen Kesselring has spent his professional career working with, developing test methods for, and managing the testing of medical products and scheduled substances here in Missouri. As a local, it is notable that he has a deep understanding of and value for the critical eye and implicit demand for evidence that is woven within the "Show-Me State” creed.

As Chief Science Officer of Missouri Cannabis Testing (MCT), a division of EKG Labs, Dr. Kesselring is actively overseeing the development and implementation of Missouri rule compliant, cannabis test methods. These methods are critical for the successful clearance of safe and effective cannabis based medicinal treatments here in Missouri.

As a Principal of MCT/EKG Labs, Dr. Kesselring also has uniquely positioned science-based business insight and interest in the Missouri Medicinal Cannabis Testing Industry. While testing is the foundation and backbone of Medicinal Cannabis product safety and efficacy, Dr. Kesselring also deeply understands the need to find efficient intersection of patient and industry requirements and will work towards policy and protocols that resourcefully meet the needs of both suppliers and patients.

Katie Grayson

Chief Executive Officer/Founding Member

In 2017, Ms. Grayson completed Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses National Program at Babson College where she enhanced her natural leadership ability, negotiation skills and experience in building a company. This program is designed to create jobs and economic opportunities by providing access to education, capital and business support services. To date, more than 10,000 business owners have graduated from the program across all 50 states in the US, Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. Katie serves as the Chief Executive Officer for MoCann Testing, the state’s first operational medical marijuana testing laboratory!

Natalie Brown

Director of Operations

Ms. Natalie Brown began her career at EKG Labs, an analytical laboratory that supports medical device and pharmaceutical companies seeking to fast-track their product development, upon graduating from Missouri Baptist University with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. She executed procedures according to cGXP regulations, worked with various DEA controlled substances, and maintained, operated, and qualified analytical instruments.

In 2019, Natalie proposed expanding into new areas, and she worked together with EKG’s founding members to add a medical marijuana division to the company, Missouri Cannabis Testing.

MoCann Testing’s mission is to help individuals across the state ensure they have access to safe medical marijuana through accurate sample testing and quality results. She has been actively involved in executing strategies as directed from the management team, developing and promoting company policies, planning and monitoring the day-to-day operations of the company while also serving as the primary liaison for the company. In 2020, Natalie joined the MoCannTrade Health and Education Training committee. The committee focuses on successful education of stakeholders in the community, including patients and physicians. From healthcare systems, physicians, providers and patients, this committee researches & defines best practices with stakeholders to ensure a safe, responsible and successful program implementation.

Natalie recently accepted a position as the Co-Chair to MOCannTrade’s Health and Education Training Committee.