Brands to Watch: Dabstract

Brands to Watch: Dabstract


2024 marks a new beginning for marijuana companies in Missouri. A thriving adult use market that brought in more than $1 billion in recreational sales has helped to foster a healthy and hyper-competitive market. Missouri is currently home to more than 200 different brands and more than 10,000 products. As the market grows new brands and products continue to appear. Greenway looks to highlight Brands to Watch. Companies and brands ranging from homegrown talent and design, to out-of-state players looking to make a big impact, the brands featured here are those that are moving the needle.

One of those emerging brands is Dabstract. Debuting in Missouri in 2023, Dabstract was immediately well received and was nominated as one of Greenway’s Best of the Industry by readers.

Founded by brothers Derek Thiel and Dylan, legacy operators with decades of experience, Dabstract has partnered with Mana Supply to bring the product to market in Missouri.

“Mana Supply is one of the first manufacturers in Missouri, with a proven track record of uncompromised quality, and has deep relationships within the state’s cannabis industry – which is critical for a brand entering a new market with strong and respected existing brands,” explained Eli Korer of Union Cannabis Group, the company behind the Dabstract brand.

“From day one, Dabstract has been hyper-focused on providing consumers with clean, fantastic products. We leverage process and technology with the goal of bringing forth product purity, high potency, and perfected experiences out of each cultivar we process. Dabstract gives consumers the best tastiest cannabis experiences with our Live Resin concentrates and High Terpene Extract vapes.”

“We learned early in the legal market that not all dispensaries, budtenders, and end consumers are the same,” Korer said. “So, we followed the path of being the budtender’s and consumer’s trusted brand and product. Meaning for those who know, know Dabstract. And those that want to know, we are here for them. We are proud of our part in the cannabis concentrate market.”

What changes have gone into perfecting the vision as you expand in Missouri?

Not a lot has changed, we are a products-first company and have been able to source high-quality input materials from amazing local cultivars like Vibe. for our products. Our products start with the cultivar and it’s our job to bring the nuances of each strain into a concentrated product.  We are always searching for talented partner cultivators with unique strains so that we can continue to bring new and unique flavors to market. We are also focusing on spending meaningful time with our partners, budtenders, and consumers — making sure they know about the Dabstract difference.

What values or ideas does Dabstract represent?

We value terpenes over cannabinoids and a pure, potent, and perfected product that has helped us to become the cult favorite amongst budtenders and cannabis connoisseurs alike.

What, if any, changes have you had to make with the new packaging requirements in Missouri, and how do you feel that impacts your brand?


Missouri’s new packaging requirements are actually in-line with Dabstract’s rebrand since the requirements require simple and focused packaging, and providing transparent information about cannabis products. That being said, we wish there was a little bit more flexibility in the packaging regulations so we could highlight the differences in our product and showcase even more terpene and cannabinoid information.

All photos courtesy of Dabstract UCG Inc. © UCG Inc. 2024

How did adult use legalization in Missouri impact Dabstract?

Dabstract entered the market after adult use legalization went into effect, which allowed our products and brand to reach a new wider audience in the state.  We are thankful that this young market is a thriving and vibrant cannabis community that welcomed us with open arms.

What should we expect to see from Dabstract in 2024?

We will continue to broaden our product offering to give our consumers a wider variety of strains, formulations, and terpene profiles. We have a variety of concentrate and vape products coming to market that we can’t wait for the Missouri market to try.

Missouri is a hyper-competitive space for manufactured products and vapes, what differentiates your brand from some of the competitors in the market?

What truly sets us apart is our products, the result of years of experience in perfecting our extraction methods that don’t include additives, CRC, or any of that. We believe our products are consistently the cleanest and, tastiest concentrates and vapes in the market.

All photos courtesy of Dabstract UCG Inc. © UCG Inc. 2024

Who is your target audience or consumer base?

Our target audience is the consumer who appreciates the flavor, terpene profiles, and experience that our products offer. This consumer ranges from the connoisseur to the experimentalist.  We know that budtenders are instrumental in guiding those high THC % chasers to appreciate what a full spectrum, live resin products can do for them. Dabstract, through its hyper-focus on creating no-bullshit, pure and potent products, has become the cult favorite amongst long-time dabbers, budtenders, and new vaporers alike.

What do you want customers to pull from your brand?

That if they like all of the flavors, aromas, and experiences that cannabis provides, they’ll love Dabstract.