Homestate Dispensary launches Puppies for Parole drive

Homestate Dispensary launches Puppies for Parole drive


Homestate Dispensary is excited to announce its Puppies for Parole Drive, a month-long initiative to support animal adoption and rehabilitation. As part of its monthly series of charitable causes, Homestate is partnering with Puppies for Parole to make a positive impact on the lives of dogs in need.

Customers can participate by donating a collar, chew toy, leash, or treats with a minimum $10 purchase or by donating $10. Those who donate will receive a Jane West pre-roll for $1 (maximum 5 per week).

Puppies for Parole is a program that trains selected residents in Missouri prisons to become trainers for rescue dogs. The dogs are taught basic obedience skills and socialized to improve their adoptability. Over 7,000 dogs have graduated from the program since 2010.

This program not only saves lives and finds forever homes for dogs but also provides vocational skills and promotes rehabilitation for offenders. It reduces the number of dogs in shelters, allows Missourians to adopt family-friendly dogs, and enhances safety and morale within correctional institutions.


Homestate Dispensary is proud to support Puppies for Parole and invites the community to join this meaningful cause. For more information, visit

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