Focusing your brand locally: Advertising marijuana in Missouri

Focusing your brand locally: Advertising marijuana in Missouri

The advertising landscape in the cannabis industry presents unique challenges due to the state-by-state legality of marijuana in the United States.

This inconsistent legal framework requires a more localized and community-centric approach to marketing and outreach. Unlike industries under a unified federal legal framework, the cannabis sector must navigate state-specific laws and regulations, complicating advertising strategies and limiting campaign reach. Additionally, national advertising platforms often avoid cannabis-related content due to its federal illegality.

For cannabis businesses the importance of local engagement and community outreach is key.

Key strategies include:

Localized Marketing Strategies: Tailoring marketing efforts to specific states or cities ensures adherence to local regulations and effectively reaches the target audience.

Community Engagement: Building relationships with local communities through educational initiatives, participation in local events, and collaboration with local businesses is crucial.

Targeted Digital Marketing: Utilizing geo-targeting in digital advertising is essential for complying with state laws and reaching relevant audiences.

Word of Mouth and Reputation: In an industry with limited traditional advertising options, word-of-mouth marketing and a strong reputation are invaluable.


The Role of Education

Educational marketing plays a vital role in informing consumers about the benefits, risks, and responsible use of cannabis. This approach fosters community trust and positions companies as knowledgeable and responsible industry players. It also allows for an opportunity to reach the canna-curious and newcomers. In an industry quickly growing, it’s important for companies to target not just the established cannabis user, but the potential consumer as well.

In Missouri, the definition of “advertisement” for cannabis products is broad, encompassing various mediums like billboards, radio, television, newspapers, internet, email, and mobile applications. With that in mind, most traditional and digital streams – including a company or brand’s own website are subject to the oversight of Missouri cannabis regulators, and while there has been no action taken against cannabis companies for their social media or online branding to date, there’s no guarantee that enforcement will remain lax.

It’s important for Missouri companies and brands to remember the following:

Compliance with Laws: Cannabis products can only be advertised or marketed in compliance with all applicable municipal ordinances, state laws, and regulations governing signs and advertising.

Content Restrictions: Advertisements for marijuana must not:

  • Contain false or misleading representations.
  • Claim or imply curative or therapeutic effects unless approved by the FDA.
  • Include content that is attractive to children, such as shapes or renderings of animals, fruits, or humans.
  • Make any statements about a brand that are inconsistent with the product’s labeling.

While digital platforms provide opportunities for direct community engagement, reputation management, and brand building through responsible interaction and educational content, these platforms still fall under the same regulatory guidelines as advertising.  Missouri’s cannabis advertising regulations exemplify the complex and varied landscape of cannabis marketing in the United States.