Two Stocking Stuffers for Cannabis Enthusiasts

Two Stocking Stuffers for Cannabis Enthusiasts


If there’s one thing we’ve learned about product reviews, although there are many, it’s that some products are perfect in their simplicity and basics.  We love gadgets and we’ll try products from any corner of the globe and run them through our paces, but when there are basic products that deserve attention, we love to indulge in those as well.  In this case, two of the products that we have in our review rotations that are simple AND big winners include the RYOT spoon pipe and the VIBE Release papers.   


RYOT UP Mini Pipe – $20

RYOT, a long-time consumer favorite brand, sent us their new UP Mini Pipe and we’re happy to promote this piece.  This little gem offers a unique modern but timeless design with the durability and function you would expect from RYOT, this piece is made from 100% heavy wall, lead-free matte black ceramic. The Mini fits perfectly in any RYOT case, stash bag, or, with the silicone bowl cover, you can pop it right in your pocket or purse.  


The bowl is easy to load, and the design makes it easy to stand up, and more importantly, not tip over.  If you’ve used a RYOT piece in the past, add this one to your collection and you’ll find it well worth the low price point, making it a staple in your stash.  

Ready to buy?  You can find it here, just in time for the holidays!  


VIBES Release Papers – Benefitting Last Prisoner Project – 

If you’re a person who consumes cannabis by smoking, you’ve had your share of rolling papers in your kit.  There are a few big names that come to mind immediately and Vibes are always on that list for us.  In July, VIBES put together a collaboration to support the efforts of Last Prisoner Project and free those incarcerated for non-violent cannabis convictions.  


As with all of the Vibes papers we know and love, these aren’t low on quality and if you’re making purchase decisions that support causes that are important to you, look no further than the RELEASE line of papers.  Each package includes the name and a short version of a person currently imprisoned for non-violent cannabis infractions.  

Want to see the video review for these products?  Find it HERE.