Wyld introduces new Boysenberry sleep gummies


Leading U.S. edibles brand launches new 1:1:1 THC:CBD:CBN Indica-enhanced Gummies

Wyld, one of the top five cannabis brands in the U.S., known for their best-selling cannabis infused edibles, is introducing a new sleep gummy, Boysenberry 1:1:1 THC:CBD:CBN Indica-enhanced, across the country.

The boysenberry gummy is Wyld’s first to include three cannabinoids – THC, CBD (cannabidiol), and CBN (cannabinol) – as well as botanical terpenes. The sedating effects of CBN and the relaxing effects of CBD, in combination with THC, alongside the terpenes found in Indica strains, may provide greater restorative relaxation than THC alone. Wyld’s innovative product is designed with deep sleep in mind. This addition to Wyld’s sleep collection joins their Elderberry 2:1 THC:CBN gummy, which is the bestselling cannabis edible in the country according to BDSA data.

“This new gummy is exciting for us,” said Ben Gaines, Vice President of Marketing. “It’s our first ‘triple-play’ with three cannabinoids and crafted for a restful and restorative experience. We know consumers are looking for cannabis products to make their lives better – and better sleep can do that.”

The introduction of the boysenberry gummy into Wyld’s line up brings the total number of flavors to 13: raspberry, huckleberry, marionberry, pomegranate, peach, strawberry, pear, blood orange, elderberry, sour cherry, sour apple, sour tangerine, and now boysenberry. Like all of Wyld’s products, the newest addition is made with real fruit, high quality ingredients, and consistent dosing for a reliable consumer experience.


Wyld’s Boysenberry Indica-enhanced gummies is available in the U.S. Check Wyld’s location mapper or your local retailer.

In addition to Wyld’s commitment to producing innovative, high-quality gummies, the company is dedicated to creating a more sustainable world for both people and the planet. Wyld is Climate Neutral Certified and works with local and national partners, including BIPOCANN, One Tree Planted, and others, to support and uplift their work.

The introduction of this new product follows Wyld’s launch of their Sour Tangerine Hybrid-enhanced gummy, and their expansion into Missouri. For more information regarding Wyld’s products, availability, and sustainability initiatives visit www.wyldcanna.com.

About Wyld
Founded in 2016, Wyld is the best-selling cannabis edibles brand in the U.S. and fastest growing edibles brand in Canada. Using high quality ingredients, a variety of cannabinoid profiles, and trusted dosing, Wyld creates the best tasting gummies on the market and does it sustainably. Wyld is the first cannabis brand to be Climate Neutral Certified. For more information, please visit https://wyldcanna.com/ or https://wyldcanna.ca/.

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