Missouri cannabis companies shine in inaugural Missouri Grower’s Cup

Missouri cannabis companies shine in inaugural Missouri Grower’s Cup


While the excitement of the inaugural Missouri Growers Cup, was dampened by an emergency cancelation of the public event due to extreme weather, the competition itself continued with many of the state’s most recognized brands celebrating their first Missouri Growers Cup wins.

The event spotlighted the exceptional quality and diversity of cannabis products in the Show-Me State.

Elevate took home top honors in many eyes, securing wins in three categories and leaving with two first-place cups and a third-place finish, with Elevate winning for both its ‘Gary Poppins’ flower and the company’s ‘1g Grapefruit Durban’ offering in the preroll category.

Amaze Cannabis also emerged as a notable winner, clinching the first spot in the cartridges category with its ‘Florida Purple,’ and securing second place in the indoor grow category with its ‘Ruby Grand’ flower. The Amaze team told Greenway, “It was an honor to have our team’s hard work recognized. We congratulate all the other winners and are proud to compete with all the incredible products on the market. Stay tuned as we will continue to AMAZE you.”

In the edibles domain, Funnybone stole the limelight with its innovative ‘Funny Bone Flint Stoned 100mg’ chocolate bar. Bethanie White, Director of Marketing, shared her thoughts saying, “We are truly honored for this award. The Funny Bone chocolate bars allow us to work with fun and unique ingredients such as pop-rocks, cereal, and potato chips and combine them with higher dosing. We really enjoy making them, so it’s great to hear that others are enjoying them.”

Local Cannabis Company and ROVE also took home first place hardware in the solventless and drinkable categories respectively, showcasing the breadth of quality products in the Missouri cannabis market.

On the homegrown side, Green Thumb Grow Pro won the hearts of the jury with their version of Humboldt’s ‘Blueberry Muffin’ flower.

Unlike many traditional competitions where participants submit their own genetics, the GrowMaster Contest sought to create an even playing field, providing all participants with the clones of the same cultivar.


In the traditional home grow category, Weed Smith took top honors with their ‘Tropicana Cherries’.

Despite the weather, the competition provided a platform for local cannabis growers and companies to showcase their craftsmanship and innovative products, celebrating the burgeoning cannabis culture in the heartland of America.

You can see a full list of categories and winners below.

Missouri Growers Cup Winners


  • Indoor:
    • 1st: Elevate – Gary Poppins
    • 2nd: AMAZE Cannabis – Ruby Grand
    • 3rd: Cloud Cover – Pina Grande
  • Pre-Roll:
    • 1st: Elevate – GRAPEFRUIT DURBAN
  • Infused Pre-Roll:
    • 1st: RAD – Blue Razz
    • 2nd: Bison & Zen Cannabis – Tropicana Cherry
    • 3rd: The Clear – Twax Blueberry


  • BHO
    • 1st: Goat Extracts – White Gusher – Diamonds
    • 2nd: Smokey River Cannabis – Bubba Fett Diamonds & Sauce
    • 3rd: Origin – Blue Dream Live Nectar
  • Carts:
    • 1st: AMAZE Cannabis -Florida Purple
    • 2nd: Local Cannabis Company -SHERBHOG FSO
    • 3rd: Elevate – SHERBHOG FSO
  • Solventless:
    • 1st: Local Cannabis Company – PAPAYA LIVE ROSIN

Infused Edibles

  • Edibles:
    • 1st: Funny Bone: Flint Stoned
    • 2nd: Panda – PB&J Chocolate Bar
    • 3rd: Kosmik – Black Hole
  • Drinkable:
    • 1st: Drink Loud – Kush Berry Elixir

Homegrown Flower

  • Growmaster:
    • Green Thumb Grow Pro – Blueberry Muffin
  • Home Grown:
    • 1st: Weed Smith – Tropicana Cherries
    • 2nd: Bucky’s Treehouse – Kryptochronic
    • 3rd: Reberth Genetics -Show-Me Kush
  • Topical:
    • 1st: Kindway Farms – Topical