Heartland Labs and Missouri Wild Alchemy partner for a new limited collaboration

Heartland Labs and Missouri Wild Alchemy partner for a new limited collaboration


Over the last few years, Heartland Labs has made waves with cannabis connoisseurs with limited drops and collaborations with some of Missouri’s favorite independent dispensaries.

Now Heartland Labs and Missouri Wild Alchemy have teamed up again to put out another super limited drop.

Heartland’s newest offering sees the two talented teams collaborate to create Sweaty Melons, a smooth budder, showcasing the profiles of some of the newest flower to drop from Flora Farms.

Offered exclusively at Missouri Wild Alchemy the limited supply will be gone soon.

Greenway recently spoke to Heartland’s Hayden Pearcy and Missouri Wild Alchemy’s Jason Crady about the collaborative process and what goes into making something unique in a crowded space.

“We love working with Heartland,” Crady explained. “They continue to deliver high-quality products that our consumers have come to love since the beginning of the medical market.”

For Heartland’s part, the collaboration comes from trusting your partners, as Pearcy tells us, “When the industry was still a medical market, we loved putting our heads together with some of our dispensary partners to help create something special for their patients. With Missouri Wild Alchemy being one of our oldest dispensary partners, and one of the most trusted and respected groups in the St. Louis area, anytime they have product ideas, our ears perk up!”

Sweaty Melons Budder | Heartland Labs

“[Our partnership] is so special because we are similar, small locally owned and operated cannabis operators with a focus on the plant and our consumers,” Crady said.

“When we started talking about doing another collaboration we were all in,” Crady continued, “We started discussing options right away. If you’ve been in our dispensary you know our team is the best around and we made sure to have them involved from the beginning to end.” 

 “After talking to Jason, and receiving some awesome new strains from Flora, it was too tempting not to create something brand new,” Pearcy told Greenway. “We mixed the raw products together and let them sit to match what aroma we thought paired nicely. Once we were happy with our mixes, we proceeded forward.”

Those new cultivars from Flora played a big role in the development of Sweaty Melons, “We combined some of Flora’s new strains that were yet to hit the market to give the customers of Missouri Wild Alchemy something extra special,” Pearcy explained. “We crossed Cantaloupe Haze and Slurp Juice together, then whipped it into a nice smooth budder.”

“This budder is fire! It’s only available at Missouri Wild Alchemy, and when it’s gone it’s gone,” Crady said.

 “With this collab, our goal was to bring new strains to the forefront of the conversation,” Pearcy noted. “These strains actually complement one another with sweet gassy undertones. Normally we try to combine different, unique profiles and see where they take us. We weren’t sure what the consistency would end up like. We always try to go into a project with a consistency in mind, but at the end of the day, the terps tell you the direction to go.”

You can head into Missouri Wild Alchemy now to get your hands on some Sweaty Melons this month. Next month, you can join Heartland at the launch of Missouri Wild Alchemy’s Speakeasy on Saturday, October 28 and Sunday, October 29, also featuring Amaze, Robust, Teal, and more.