Hippos Festival Packs offer value just in time for gamedays

Hippos Festival Packs offer value just in time for gamedays


For cannabis consumers, the ultimate convenience is a single purchase that covers all their cannabis needs.

Hippos Cannabis understands this desire and has rolled out their Festival Pack, designed to make you the life of the party. Whether you choose to share or savor it solo, this pack promises an unforgettable experience.

Hippos launched its first dispensary in Chesterfield in November of 2021, since then the company has continued to roll on, launching new locations in Springfield and Columbia last year.

Since then the company has had overwhelmingly positive responses and success, in large part due to the brand’s ability to offer quality and value. As a vertically integrated company, Hippos has the state’s best flower and manufactured products.

With the launch of the Festival Pack, Hippos offers cannabis consumers a smorgasbord of products to sample, share, and in one package.

The Hippos Festival Pack includes 5 Atta 0.5g Prerolls, 5 Sundro 0.5g Prerolls

The Festival Pack includes 5 Atta 0.5g Prerolls, 5 Sundro 0.5g Prerolls, 2 Sundro 3.5g flower offerings, 2 Atta 0.5g Game Day Vapes, 1 Blazy Susan 3-pack of 1 ¼” cones, and 1 Hippos Lighter, all neatly packed in a stylish Hippos Hip Pack. While cultivars may be subject to availability, the inclusion of two top-notch Sundro strains “Reality Ztone” and “Wilson Zero” had me giddy with excitement upon receiving the pack.

At the counter, the budtender put the Hip Pack to the test and wowed me by stashing all the Festival Pack essentials inside. 


Reality Ztone is derived from a cross of Chem Jong-Un and Zkittlez x Bitch Slap. It produces a flavorful smoke with chemmy flavors that burst and swirl with notes of fruit and berry.

The Atta Game Day Vapes in our pack included Badass Blue Berry and Fun Mints. Badass Blueberry packs a tart berry profile with a bit of chem draw, while Fun Mints hits with the taste of peppermint and leans into a clean botanical feel, similar to menthol.

The Hippos Festival Pack

Now, if you’re not already headed to the dispensary to grab yourself one of these packs, let’s talk about the value of the Festival Pack.

What’s included is valued at $225 but you’ll only be paying $195. It’s a steal by any measure.

So, while we’re sad to leave summer behind, the Festival Pack comes just in time to celebrate game day and the great outdoors. Whether its a tailgate, or a campfire, you’ll be prepared for the occasion.

Festival Packs are available exclusively at Hippos Dispensaries, with locations in Springfield, Columbia, or Chesterfield.

You can learn more about Hippos at hipposcannabis.com