Dispensary Recommendations: Fall in love with these cannabis products


Each month Patients asks a handful of the best dispensary representatives from around the state to give a recommendation for their favorite, or the most popular, product at their dispensary. Dispensary staff give their recommendations based on personal preference, personal taste, or customer feedback. If you’d like to nominate your favorite budtender or dispensary, drop us a line here.

Check out what some of Missouri’s best are loving right now.


Lauren M of Good Day Farm Rolla

Violet Fog Flower | Good Day Farm  

This strain is for my “in-da-couch” lovers out there! After rolling up some of these pretty trichome-covered nugs in a Raw Black paper, I am immediately sent into a flavorful experience featuring a profile of sugary candy, sweet florals, and dank kush.

I first start feeling the strain’s effects in my face as a sense of mental clarity rushes over me, where it began spreading into my body pushing me towards complete relaxation.

As someone who experiences inflammation and anxiety daily, Violet Fog #2 is a strain I would personally recommend to anyone out there looking for top-tier flower to help with pain management, as well as to aid in maintaining calmness and mental clarity throughout the day.

Remember to keep in mind, “start low & go slow,” as this strain is known to be on the sedative side (which could be beneficial for my friends with insomnia or other sleeping issues!)

Lauren M. | Good Day Farm Rolla

Jeremiah Pendleton | Cassville Dispensary

Active 20:1 .5g Disposable | Ratio

20:1 Active Disposable gives me the motivation to conquer anything the day throws at me. With uplifting effects and controlled dosing, I am able to properly dose and feel rejuvenated throughout my day.

Jeremiah Pendleton | Cassville Dispensary

Ron Palmer | Verts

Abyss 2000mg Gummies | Kosmik 

Living a fast-paced, high-demand lifestyle leaves me needing a high-strength, high-dose gummy to help push the day’s problems away! Thankfully, these Kosmik Abyss gummies do all of that plus more! No stress! No worries! Just an overwhelming feeling that I can take on the world and accomplish anything thrown my way! 10/10!

Ron Palmer | Verts

JD Hilton | ReLeaf Resources

Mac & Cheese Flower | Vivid

Terpinolene is my favorite terpene! Mac & Cheese not only brings flavor but also provides relief from pain, stress, and helps me fight insomnia.

JD Hilton | ReLeaf Resources