Show-Me Organics wants you to ask your doctor about cannabis

Show-Me Organics wants you to ask your doctor about cannabis


A Missouri cannabis company leverages trope of pharma advertising to spotlightcannabis during opioid awareness month

Show-Me Organics—operator of leading Missouri cannabis brands including Vivid, Buoyant Bob, Missouri’s Own and Blue Sage Cannabis Deli – introduced a new ad campaign that mimics the clichéd tropes of pharmaceutical advertising and co-opts the all-too-familiar line “Ask Your Doctor” to start a deeper conversation about cannabis.

The “Ask Your Doctor” campaign leverages the familiar pharmaceutical call-to-action to pose stark questions to make viewers question why opioids can still be widely prescribed while cannabis
can’t even be mentioned in advertising. The :30 ad was rejected by all major broadcast networks in St. Louis and Kansas City, but is accepted to run in cinema, streaming and digital video
beginning Wednesday Aug. 30, one day before Overdose Awareness Day and just ahead of September – Opioid Awareness Month.

“It feels like the right time to deliver this message,” said Show-Me Organics CEO Boston Dickerson. “Because awareness of our opioid epidemic has become prevalent thanks to government-sponsored campaigns, but those stop short of discussing cannabis as a safer alternative because it’s still federally prohibited.”

Show-Me Organics is a family-owned company born from a history of operating local pharmacies in the Kansas City area for over three decades. Now, with a keen understanding of issues in
American pharmaceuticals, the family is dedicated to Show-Me Organics’ patient-first mission of expanding education and access to world class cannabis.


“I started our pharmacy business to help patients, and Show-Me Organics was founded with the same purpose – to improve the lives of our patients,” said Show-Me Organics President LeAnne
Dickerson, who sold the family’s pharmacy business after launching Show-Me Organics. “My husband had a transformative experience with cannabis that helped him regain his sleep, which
made us passionate about the cause, especially after witnessing the perils of the pharmaceutical industry.”

The Show-Me Organics website posted a free guided meditation to aid with sleep, which is one of the greatest struggles of people getting off of opioids. The audio track is intended to pair with Vivid Dream Capsules, a product from Show-Me Organics’ flagship brand.

The “Ask Your Doctor” campaign was created by the New York ad agency, Bandits & Friends, that bills itself on a keen ability to steal attention.

Founded in 2019, Show-Me Organics is a Missouri owned and operated cannabis company on a mission to set the bar for world class cannabis by innovating on behalf of patients. The vertically integrated company operates a house of leading Missouri cannabis brands including Vivid, Missouri’s Own, Buoyant Bob and Blue Sage Cannabis Deli.

Bandits & Friends is a full service creative agency that specializes in stealing consumer attention for brands and treating clients with the respect of a friend. Headquartered in New York City, the agency is female and minority founded and owned. Bandits & Friends works with a number of established and new-to-market consumer brands including The Athletic, XFL and Show-Me Organics.