Division of Cannabis Regulation issues guidance on creating template items for packaging

Division of Cannabis Regulation issues guidance on creating template items for packaging


In an effort to streamline the approval process and facilitate the production of consistent cannabis products, the Division of Cannabis Regulation (DCR) has released a guidance document on creating “template items.”

The guidance, issued today, aims to provide clarity for licensees in the Missouri marijuana industry seeking to manufacture multiple marijuana products with minor variations.

Template Items Simplify Product Development

DCR recognizes the growing need for template items within the cannabis industry. These template items can be employed when licensees intend to produce multiple final marijuana products of the same type, differing only in aspects like flavor or strain. For instance, a cannabis brand might offer a range of final marijuana products with identical packaging, item quantity, and intended total THC content, but with various flavors or strains.

Template Approval Expedites Review Process

While DCR approves template items, it’s important to note that every new item based on a template still needs to go through the Item Approval Application process and reference the approved template. The approval of the template expedites the review of subsequent items that use the same template because the packaging, labeling, and product design have already undergone a thorough review and approval by DCR.


Naming Nomenclature for Template Items

To ensure consistency in naming template items, DCR has established a specific naming nomenclature, which licensees must adhere to. The naming format for a template item should be as follows:

  • TEMPLATE: [Brand Name] – [Marijuana Product Name] – [Intended Total THC (where applicable)] – [Unit Quantity] – [Flavor/Strain]


Licensees must submit these template items for approval in the same manner as any other final packaging item, complete with photos and required documentation.

To use an approved template item, licensees must reference the template item’s unique approval number on the Item Approval Application when submitting new items based on that template.

It’s important to note that licensees are required to upload all requested documentation for each new item that references an approved template item, enabling DCR to compare it with the original template submission.