Surfside pioneers new era of cannabis advertising with state-of-the-art commerce media technology

Surfside pioneers new era of cannabis advertising with state-of-the-art commerce media technology


National launch of Commerce Media allows retailers the ability to monetize their online and in-store shelf space with brand sponsored ad placements and product listings.

Surfside Solutions Inc. (“Surfside”), building the next generation of advertising technology to help reach customers with personalized marketing, today announced the national launch of its latest product offering, Commerce Media.In private beta since April 2023, this innovative solution empowers cannabis brands by opening a new advertising channel directly within a retailer’s ecommerce websites and marketplaces.

The expanded offering will accelerate the ability for retailers and cannabis dispensaries to personalize and improve shopping experiences, while providing brands the ability to secure priority placements, improve exposure to in-market shoppers and measure all media to SKU-level sales.

“Consumers are demanding a more relevant buying experience and businesses need to adapt and ensure they have the right technology and economics to be able to grow,” said Michael Blanche, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Surfside. “Commerce Media solves these two problems by tailoring shoppable content and creative messaging for each individual customer, enabling digital businesses to remove irrelevant noise and generating a new high-margin revenue stream.”

“We used Surfside’s Commerce Media ads to support revenue across our retail footprint in the Northeast and have been thrilled with the ability to drive incremental sales and see real results. By delivering ads directly where products are being sold online, we saw a measurable lift in sales month-over-month and have already expanded the campaign across our multi-state wholesale network,” said Pete Truby, VP of Marketing at Glorious Cannabis Company


With these updates, the Surfside Platform now supports both on-site and off-site advertising, unifying off-site ads from mainstream websites and apps, with personalized on-site shopping experiences driven by ads tailored to shoppers interests and previous purchasing habits. The Commerce Media Platform is available across all markets and is easy to integrate with existing point-of-sale and ecommerce software, making it a turnkey solution for retailers to generate a new revenue stream, while improving conversion rates and driving incremental sales.

“Surfside’s on-site advertising is a terrific way to grow website ROI and elevate partnered brands’ product sales. Their team is knowledgeable, responsive, and dedicated to driving results,” said Ryan Silve, General Manager at Redi.

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Surfside is a fully connected marketing platform that aggregates first-party data across all customer touchpoints, allowing advertisers the ability to better understand, target, and measure how to influence current and future customers. By combining the power of a customer data platform (CDP) with a Demand Side Platform (DSP), Surfside simplifies the process of turning first-party data into personalized marketing campaigns through the monetization of online and in-store audiences.