Understanding health benefits captives for cannabis companies 

Understanding health benefits captives for cannabis companies 


As cannabis businesses strive to navigate the complex landscape of employee health benefits, many seek creative solutions to control costs while providing quality coverage.  One solution that has continued to gain traction for our clients is health benefits captives. Let’s explore the concept of health benefits captives, their potential benefits, and how they can empower cannabis companies to optimize their employee health benefits strategies. 

Understanding Health Benefits Captives

A health benefits captive is a self-funded insurance arrangement where a group of  employers come together to form a captive. This group effectively pools the risks and  resources of the participating employers, allowing them to gain greater control over their employee health benefits programs. Rather than relying solely on traditional  insurance carriers, these employers can customize their plans, pricing, and risk management strategies to suit their specific needs. 


Benefits of Health Benefits Captives

  1. Cost Control: By forming a captive, businesses can gain control over their health benefits costs. Your insurance broker should work with you to tailor your plans and negotiate directly with healthcare providers, resulting in potentially lower premiums and improved cost management. 
  2. Risk Mitigation: By pooling resources and risks, businesses within the captive can share the financial burden of large claims and catastrophic events. This can help mitigate the impact of unexpected costs on individual employers and promote long-term stability. 
  3. Customization and Flexibility: Health benefits captives allow employers to design benefit plans that align with their unique workforce demographics and employee needs. This customization allows for targeted coverage, promoting employee satisfaction and retention. 
  4. Transparency and Data Insights: Employers participating in a health benefits captive gain access to detailed claims data and analytics. This data-driven approach enables better decision-making, identifies areas for cost containment, and supports the implementation of proactive wellness initiatives. 

With over six years of experience working in the insurance industry, I have helped many companies navigate the complexities of health benefits. Captives can be an excellent solution for cannabis companies of various sizes and locations.”

Melissa Seiler | HUB International

Melissa Seiler is an Employee Benefits Consultant at HUB International who specializes in working with companies in the cannabis industry throughout the United States.  HUB International is a global insurance brokerage with over 530 locations that provides business insurance, employee benefits, personal insurance, retirement, wealth management, and risk services. To learn more, contact Melissa Seiler via email at melissa.seiler@hubinternational.com or by phone at 913-687-6186.