Missouri selling $4 million of legal cannabis per day since adult use sales started

Missouri selling $4 million of legal cannabis per day since adult use sales started

Sales in June topped $120 million for the fourth month in a row

Since adult use marijuana sales started in Missouri on Feb. 3, 2023, Missouri has sold $4 million of legal cannabis per day on average. Over those five months, total marijuana sales in Missouri reached $592.3 million. According to the Missouri’s Division of Cannabis Regulations, sales of adult use and medical cannabis in June totaled $121.2 million, the fourth month in a row sales topped $120 million.

Missouri has now created 16,271 direct jobs in the cannabis industry, compared to only 8,571 jobs at this time last year. Unlike in other states where local governments have sought to ban adult use marijuana sales, communities across the state are embracing having the economic benefits of Missouri’s newest $1 billion industry as part of the local economy. In April, voters in hundreds of cities and counties across Missouri almost universally voted in support of local marijuana taxes on sales in their communities.

“Missouri’s low-adult use cannabis tax, customer-friendly access, and diverse supply of quality products continue to drive great sales across the state this summer,” said Andrew Mullins, MoCannTrade Executive Director. “Local economies across our state are also benefitting from the more than 16,000 cannabis jobs directly created in Missouri so far.”

Last November, Missouri became the first state in the nation to automatically expunge past, nonviolent marijuana charges by a vote of the people. Already, more than 50,000 past, Missouri cannabis offenses have been automatically expunged, with that number expected to rise quickly in the coming months. Part of the 6% sales tax Missourians pay on adult use cannabis sales goes to fund these automatic expungements.



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