5 consumption friendly games to play in the sun

5 consumption friendly games to play in the sun


Elevate Your Backyard Fun: 5 Cannabis-Friendly Yard Games

The old trope that stoners are lazy has been dispelled, but increasingly we are finding that cannabis consumers are actually some of the most active people nowadays.

So for those looking for ideas on how to spend a summer day in the sun, here’s a list of 5 consumption friendly games to play with friends.

Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or simply enjoy the occasional toke, here’s a guide to integrating cannabis use into five popular yard games.



Cornhole is a classic yard game that has become wildly popular in recent years and pairs perfectly with cannabis consumption. Take turns throwing bean bags at the cornhole boards, enjoying the gentle breeze and camaraderie. Cannabis can enhance focus, relaxation, and even bring out your competitive spirit, making every throw an enjoyable and satisfying experience.

Giant Jenga

When it comes to giant Jenga, anticipation builds with each move. As you carefully remove wooden blocks, passing the joint or sharing a vape adds a touch of excitement and relaxation. The giggles and camaraderie will make the tower’s eventual tumble even more satisfying.



Bocce Ball

Bocce ball is the perfect leisurely game, allowing for casual conversation and gentle competition. The soothing effects of cannabis can enhance your focus and enjoyment of the game, as you strategize to place your balls closest to the target, all while relishing in the outdoor ambiance.

Ladder Toss

Ladder Toss is a game that combines precision with a dash of luck. Take turns throwing bolas while enjoying a cannabis-infused beverage or sharing a pre-roll with friends. The elevated state of mind can enhance your aim and make the game even more exciting.


Disc Golf

Disc golf provides the perfect opportunity to explore the outdoors while enjoying cannabis. Begin by creating a cannabis-friendly basecamp near the first hole. As you traverse the course, take breaks to relax, take a hit, and appreciate nature’s beauty. The serene atmosphere and cannabis-induced relaxation can help you maintain a calm focus while aiming for the targets, resulting in a truly enjoyable experience.

Integrating cannabis use into yard games can elevate your outdoor gatherings and create lasting memories. From the strategic throws in cornhole to the steady hands required in giant Jenga, cannabis can enhance relaxation, focus, and camaraderie. Remember to consume responsibly, respect local laws, and ensure that all participants are of legal age. So, gather your friends, prepare your favorite cannabis products, and enjoy the perfect blend of outdoor fun and cannabis enjoyment with these five cannabis-friendly yard games.