Proper Partners: Sponsoring the Dark Ace Open

Proper Partners: Sponsoring the Dark Ace Open

Dark Ace Disc Golf from St Louis MO is a clothing and accessory company in St Louis, MO focused on bringing metal music-loving outcasts to the sport of disc golf.

“Established in 2020, and hailing from St. Louis, MO, we live by the motto of ‘Play Disc Golf. Listen To Metal.’ We aim to merge two of our favorite worlds in a way that resonates with those like us who like head banging as much as chain banging. Welcome to the dark side of disc golf.”

Proper Cannabis has joined Dark Ace to sponsor the Dark Ace Open, a disc golf tournament in St. Louis on June 24-25 2023 at Jefferson Barracks Hist. Park.

If you’re not familiar with Proper Cannabis, it’s one of the state’s biggest cannabis brands, with a successful chain of dispensaries, and award-winning manufacturing and commercial cultivation operations here in Missouri with the goal to grow the best cannabis and deliver unparalleled customer service.

We sat down to talk with the Proper team about how cannabis helps the sport and to give you more information on the event itself.

“Chris Trunk and the crew at 4 Hands Brewing connected us with George and Dark Ace. We met once and immediately knew it was a natural fit. We sponsored their indoor putting league that was Monday nights at 4 Hands last winter. It was a lot of fun and we wanted to keep the momentum rolling, so when George mentioned that we would have the opportunity to sponsor a hole at the first-ever Dark Ace Open, we were down from the jump. The tournament is June 24-25 at Jefferson Barracks, which is conveniently located near our South County Proper Dispensary. Some things just make sense.”

Does cannabis help with disc golf?

“I think it all depends on your definition of “help”. Personally, I don’t think cannabis is improving my skills on the course, but it certainly makes the experience more enjoyable. I don’t disc golf competitively but more to just relax and get outdoors. In my opinion, cannabis certainly enhances that experience. At a higher level, I could see cannabis increasing focus on the course or even helping with recovery after playing a round, but everyone’s cannabis experience is different.”

Proper-ly involved


“We aren’t looking to reinvent the wheel every time we are involved with an event or partnership. We want to partner with like-minded businesses and create a platform to amplify others. Don’t get me wrong, we have our fair share of large-scale partnerships like the St. Louis Blues and Boulevardia in Kansas City, but we also love to work on smaller-scale partnerships with companies like Profield Reserve Apparel and Nicky Slices Pizza Club. I think the most important thing is that the values align for every party involved and we all share similar goals. We want to do cool things and invest in our community, and so do the groups we work with.”

Dark Ace Open

Where can players and people interested in attending find more information about the event?

Dark Ace Open

What can people do to help the event and Proper?

Sign up for the Dark Ace Open! Visit a Proper Dispensary! Party with us at the tournament after-party concert at Red Flag on Sunday!

Player pack for ALL AMs includes:

  • 1 Premium Full Sublimation Tourney Jersey
  • 1 Tourney Hat of your choice
  • Snacks
  • and more