Buoyant Bob drops second single in collaboration with Bo and the Locomotive

Buoyant Bob drops second single in collaboration with Bo and the Locomotive


The cannabis brand turned rockstar releases follow-up to “The Man Who Got So High” to celebrate 4/20

Buoyant Bob is back with another bop, this time collaborating with St. Louis band, Bo and the Locomotive.

Buoyant Bob is a Missouri cannabis brand that transformed into a verified artist with the launch of the song, “The Man Who Got So High,” an autobiographical origin story released on the day of recreational cannabis legalization in Missouri.

“The Man Who Got So High (Locomotive Version) brings a Synth Wave, Psych Rock feel to uplift stoners this 4/20 season.

Both tracks are now available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube or anywhere you stream music.

“As is well documented, Buoyant Bob is a strong believer that it’s more fun to get high with your friends,” said Bob’s representative. “This collaboration with Bo and the Locomotive is just the beginning, as we plan to create uplifting vibrations with as many friends as possible.”

“The Man Who Got So High”



“The Man Who Got So High (Locomotive Version)”



Founded in 2019, Show-Me Organics is a Missouri owned and operated cannabis company built from a history of serving Missouri patients through family owned pharmacies for more than 30 years. The company operates some of the top brands in the state including Blue Sage dispensaries, Buoyant Bob, Missouri’s Own and Vivid—which are collectively sold in 95% of Missouri dispensaries.



Buoyant Bob brings the party to Missouri cannabis shelves offering “The Best Bud for Your Buck.” Buoyant Bob always dreamed of a day when weed would be legal, affordable and accessible on his mission to keep everyone afloat.