Zen Cannabis makes sweet history with “THE BIG ZEN” on 4/20

Zen Cannabis makes sweet history with “THE BIG ZEN” on 4/20


Number One Edibles Brand Builds Most Potent and Priciest Infused Chocolate Bar Ever

Premier cannabis edibles brand Zen Cannabis is about to make history. On 4/20, the trusted go-to name in cannabis edibles will hit a mouthwatering milestone, unveiling “THE BIG ZEN,” the largest, most potent, dominantly-dosed and most expensive cannabis chocolate bar ever made. This record-setting, super-charged confection with a delectable flavor profile to match its price tag, will be the talk of the town and the entire cannabis universe.

On the forefront of contemporary cannabis culture, Zen Cannabis’ mission is all about bringing the highest quality products to the cannasseur and cannabis-curious for the most blissful infused experience.

In the Zen ‘Cannafactory,’ the impressive “BIG ZEN” operation will take 360 hours with twelve people whipping the megabar up six hours a day. The 420 pound treat will take twelve 40 gallon vats of their decadent milk chocolate and over 100 pounds of cannabis flower to make, with the 9 by 4 feet bar packing a potency of 4,200,000 mgs of THC.

“THE BIG ZEN” team could not be more fired up about this record-breaking, landmark feat. Special Projects Manager Evan Senn remarked, “It’s not everyday you make history and we’re doing it here in Oklahoma City! We’ve put a secret twist on our signature Zen chocolate bar recipe and supersized it to create ‘The Big Zen’ bar. We’re talking 9 by 4 feet!”

Zen Cannabis

On what bragging rights of this kind of win would mean to Zen Cannabis, Senn added, “We were already doing big things at Zen–expanding our reach to even more U.S. states and growing bigger and better in Europe. This record would be a big cherry on top of all that. This project has been so fun to bring to life and with all the exciting things we have coming up as a brand, it’s only fitting that our history includes such a creative and world record-setting accomplishment.”

From chocolate bars to beverages, Zen Cannabis products range from $6.00 to $60.00, with the brand infusing the states of OklahomaCaliforniaMissouri and Massachusetts, found in select dispensaries.

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Zen Cannabis leads the cannabis edibles market as an industry trendsetter, with a finger on the pulse of cannabis culture. The brand’s mission is to bring the highest quality THC and CBD products to consumers, taking them on a blissful journey while supporting local economies.