Best of the Industry: Heartland Labs

Best of the Industry: Heartland Labs


In just a few short years, Missouri has become one of the most successful and thriving cannabis markets in the country. A large part of the success of the state, and the cannabis industry as a whole, is owed to homegrown brands like Heartland Labs.

Heartland has grown from a small business to one of Missouri’s most respected and recognizable brands.

The family-owned and operated company brings a passion for cannabis and patients to Missouri’s marijuana market. In 2022, while many operators moved toward adult use, Heartland continued to break new ground in the state’s medical market, debuting a handful of new medical products. At the same time, Heartland launched a series of collaborations with dispensary partners aimed at targeting the state’s cannabis connoisseurs.

Greenway recently spoke to Maddi Pearcy, Director of Operations for Heartland Enterprises, about the success of the company in 2022.

Pearcy told us, “2022 was a year of growth and change for us. We were really able to settle in and further refine our processes and put together a vision for who we are as a company and we who want to be in this industry.”

“We debuted our health line, Heartland Holistics, and rolled out the first Transdermal Patches in Missouri.”

The transdermal patches were a tremendous success with the Heartland Holistics 1:1:1 Night Time Transdermal Patch named Best Topical by Greenway readers in this year’s Best of the Industry awards.

Heartland Holistics Transdermal Patches

What about Heartland differentiates the company from others in Missouri?

We are different from some of the other companies in the state because we are all Missouri natives, and we are family owned and operated. Every product that leaves this facility has such a level of importance to us. Our products are not only is used by our community but has our family name attached to them.

What endears Heartland to patients and others in the industry?

Since we are all from Missouri, and this entire program is for the residents of Missouri, we source as many products from within the state as we can. Our CBD, honey, Elderberry, Elderflower, Elder leaf, and beeswax are all locally sourced, and we use all in-house produced distillate.

With the launch of adult use, how do you intend to stay competitive as the Missouri market continues to grow?

We intend to stay competitive by keeping our quality and standards at the top of everything we do. We will continue to pay attention to not only what products Missourians want, but what they need.

What does the legalization of marijuana for adult use mean for your company?

Adult use for us means scaling up our current volume. Some of our products, our cookies for example, have always been a small batch item. We hand-roll each cookie, then hand place each chocolate chip to keep consistent potency for testing and consistency in product quality. Our kitchen manager, Adam, has been working hard at developing new ways to scale up our family recipes while maintaining the quality of our products.

Can you tell me about some of the employees or leadership that help push your success?

Every single person on our staff makes Heartland who we are. We have 14 team members and what we do – everything from packaging, extraction, distillation, pre-roll production, to the kitchen – everyone makes this place go. We all keep each other and our products to a high standard.

What plans are on the horizon for the company? 

We plan to expand Heartland Holistics and bring Live Resin products to our menu. Even in an Adult Use market there is still such a need and want for medical cannabis products. With the passing of Adult Use, the medicinal benefits of cannabis are now available to an even broader group of people and we want to help people get the relief they need.