Rove launches Live Resin Diamond Vaporizer, the ultimate ready-to-use weed experience that’s better for the planet

Rove launches Live Resin Diamond Vaporizer, the ultimate ready-to-use weed experience that’s better for the planet


Always on the vanguard of creating the purest stoner experience possible, today Rove launches its Live Resin Diamond Vaporizers, a reusable take on a disposable vape system filled with the brand’s premium, melted live resin diamond oil. Rove’s Diamond Vapes are a cannabis device for the future, offering more features than any other disposable on the market, including clog mitigation, variable voltage and recyclable batteries. The most significant innovation to users might be the oil itself.

Pushing the envelope of what is possible in maximizing every element of the user experience, Live Resin Diamond Vapes utilize the perfect combination of 99% pure THCA melted with Live Resin full-spectrum oil to make a delicious, smooth vape experience with the largest clouds possible and an insanely potent puff.

The live resin diamond oil is extracted from fresh-frozen flowers, using a gradual separation process during which the THC solidifies to create large, potent and diamond-like crystals as well as a liquid-like terpene extract. This is then melted down into a perfectly concentrated oil, available this week in four Live Resin Diamond strains:

  1. Maui Waui: Take a trip to a tropical paradise with notes of pineapple and banana.
  2. Skywalker OG: Go to a galaxy far, far away with a cross of Skywalker and OG Kush, and tasting of sweet, tropical notes with hints of blueberry.
  3. Fruit Punch: A cross of Skunk, Haze, and Northern Lights, one hit packs a punch of energy, sparking the mind while relaxing the body.
  4. Watermelon Zkittlez: Taste, and feel, a rainbow of effects with earthy undertones and bright fruity citrus for a chill night lazing on the couch or catching some zzz’s.

Paul Jacobson, President of Rove, says of the launch, “This new release is based on direct feedback from our dedicated community.  Our customers have grown with us over the years, and they report that while disposables have the convenience and small profile they love, it’s time for something better for our planet. This mission, combined with Rove’s commitment to providing the highest quality cannabis in our Diamond Vapes, is the perfect evolution of our offering to our loyal fans.”


Starting today, savvy stoners can purchase Live Resin Diamond Vapes throughout California at MedMen locations across the state, March and Ash in San Diego County, Haven in Southern California and Catalyst in select locations. A national roll out coming soon will include Medmen, Planet 13 and Showgrow in Nevada; Oasis, Cannabist and SWC Prescott in Arizona; Greenlight Dispensaries in Missouri and Dazed and Apotho Therapeutics in Massachusetts. Live Resin Diamond vapes will also be available in retailers across Oklahoma.

A full list of retail partners where this product is available now on our store locator.

A portion of the proceeds made from sales of Rove’s Live Resin Diamond Vapes will benefit environmental causes including One Tree Planted, Ocean Wise, The Nature Conservancy and The Good Shepherd International.

About Rove
Rove means to wander and was envisioned in 2016 to encourage enthusiasts to enjoy cannabis while searching for new experiences. Headquartered in California, Rove is a multi-state cannabis manufacturer operating in CaliforniaNevadaOklahomaArizonaMichiganMissouriMassachusetts and New York. All Rove products are crafted by an in-house product development team and designed to provide the best quality, best tasting and safest cannabis experience. Rove is the first cannabis manufacturer to implement a QR code-scanning mobile app to ensure authenticity and provide information on cannabinoid and terpene content, as well as ensure any given product is free from pesticides and foreign material.