High Scores: Full Moon Float Blasters by Kosmik

High Scores: Full Moon Float Blasters by Kosmik


Growing up in Boonville, I had the privilege of having an A&W nearby. My favorite dessert as a kid, as you can imagine, was the Root Beer Float. Nostalgia steered this week’s review of Full Moon Float gummies from Kosmik. This product is advertised to have been “inspired by the American classic, Full Moon Float is a root beer flavored gummy with a real vanilla cream center” according to the website. I loved the sound of this gummy and the ingenuity involved with its creation.

I opened the dispensary bag to a very well-put-together, bright and vibrant packaging. This product would get me excited just from the presentation even if it wasn’t my favorite dessert inside, the packaging is bright and descriptive, with excellent artwork. I checked the back of the package for the ingredients and nothing popped out as alarming. Kosmik products are pretty standard price for the amount of THC. As far as originality, these guys knocked it out of the park with this one. A rootbeer-flavored gummy with a little bit of cream in the middle is a brilliant idea in my opinion.

  1. Packaging Score 10 – The packaging was visually appealing, with very good artwork and you could tell what the product was before looking into it too deeply.
  2. Ingredients Score 9 – They did an excellent job of outlining the ingredients.
  3. Value Score 8 – The value of this product is not the reason I would buy it. It has a great bang for your buck but that isn’t a deciding factor for me in choosing a product like this.
  4. Originality Score 10 – This product idea was brilliant. It provides a product that the market has yet to see.
Full Moon Float gummies | Kosmik

I opened the package to observe a tiny square with a round cream ball in the center. Bottoms up, I popped one in and my mouth exploded with flavor. It was the delicious taste of root beer and the creamy center really topped it all off. It was soft and the center was not too hard which was a concern that I had upon observing the firm ball. After eating about 50 mg I sat back and waited for the ride to begin. About an hour later I started feeling the wonderful effects of this product. I was sedated, I laughed uncontrollably at a couple sitcoms and then passed out for about 8 hours. I could not have asked for a better experience.

  1. Consistency Score 9 –  Soft Gummy with a firm cream center that was very easy to bite into.
  2. Taste Score 10 – I was floored by the delicious and nostalgic flavor of this treat.
  3. Correct Dose Score 10 – 50 mg floored me and put me to sleep exactly like it should for how my body reacts to edibles
  4. Medicinal Value Score 7 – THC Distillate is very good for flavor and equal dosing but it does not contain a large cannabinoid profile many of which are attributed to having various medicinal properties. This product was an excellent sleep aid and provided a ton of anxiety relief.
  5. Experience Score 10 – I was stoked at the experience I received from this product. I loved every aspect of it from eating it to the inevitable slumber that came later
  6. Repeat Purchase Score 10 – I will for sure purchase this product again. It honestly checks all of the boxes for me on a product made with distillate. Big fan.

Grade A 


Full Moon Float gummies | Kosmik

In conclusion, this product was great. Even being critical it was hard to find any merit to remove points during the judging process. That could in part be my personal bias to Root Beer Floats but the process doesn’t lie and this product received high marks for a reason. I would recommend this product for any consumer level and I will be grabbing another pack the next time it becomes available.


Patrick Waibel is a 3 time US Cannabis Cup Winning cultivator and consultant. Waibel’s experience in craft cultivation and the cannabis market makes him one of the most reputable reviewers in the industry. The 10-point grading system used to score and evaluate cannabis products aims to remove bias and determine the best qualities of marijuana products.