High Scores: Banana Runtz Distillate Cartridge by Pinpoint

High Scores: Banana Runtz Distillate Cartridge by Pinpoint


Technology and innovation are the cornerstones of the cannabis industry. I don’t believe legalization would have made it this far without the innovation of product and the invention of new ways to consume cannabis.

My personal favorite way to consume cannabis is by portable vapor cartridges. 

A “cart” and a good battery can provide the most consistent and largest amount of use time before the cartridge is done. I can stretch a half-gram cartridge for 3 to 4 days with heavy use. While a half-gram of concentrate, I’ll burn through in a day, or the same monetary value in flower I’ll burn through in the same time. 

Cartridges give you access to so many different delicious flavors and don’t leave a lingering smell on your clothes or in your house. Depending on the type of cartridge (distillate, live resin, hash rosin) the effects can be as potent, if not more potent, than other smoking types – usually due to the duration in which you can take another hit after the first. 

For our first cartridge review, we have chosen to highlight the Banana Runtz distillate cartridge from Pinpoint.

Pinpoint explains their product saying, “A strain-specific cartridge, two-stage distillation process for ultra purity, highest potency, and flavored with natural terpenes. Extracted right here in St.Louis.”

I opened the package to reveal a very sleek-looking silver cartridge with Pinpoint at the base and a glass tip. I am immediately excited to try the cartridge.

The devil is in the details as they say and for disty carts, the metal components tend to be more reliable and give larger vapor clouds which is something I like. The distillate is light in color and almost transparent. As I moved the cartridge around the distillate stayed in one place which is indicative that there were no cuts made to the distillate and confirms the company’s claim of 86.21% THC. The concentrate was consistent all the way through as well, no crashing or separation.

  1. Hardware Score 10The hardware used for this cartridge was very nice. It used what I believe is the correct type of atomizer for the type of product and the clear glass tip and Pinpoint written at the bottom were excellent touches.
  2. Visual Purity Score 10  – Varying cart products have different colors than the concentrate is supposed to be. A pure distillate will tend to be very transparent in color.
  3. Consistency Score 10 There was no viscosity in the distillate signaling a lack of cut and no visible terp separation or crashing.
Pinpoint Distillate Cartridge

As I put the cartridge to my mouth and began to pull, almost immediately, a large vapor cloud began to fill my lungs. This is exactly what I’m looking for, my battery is set to low and this cart is roaring. The flavor was delicious – notes of Banana Runtz, just like the candy. There was no harshness to this cartridge, I had taken a massive hit, with no cough. I noted the delicious afternotes bringing me back to the last experience of Banana Runtz I had when I was younger.

  1. Heat Needed Score 10If the cartridge has the correct atomizer for the product, you will be able to use your battery at its lowest setting and get large vapor clouds.
  2. Initial Flavor Score 9  – The terps added are delicious and desirable. Very distinct flavor of banana and the perfect amount of flavor.
  3. Harshness Score 10  – There was no harshness, no “disty tickle” in the back of my throat. Very Impressive. 

I began to feel it heavily after my second pull, but the high was not overbearing. I puffed the cartridge throughout the day and noticed no matter how many pulls I made in a row the flavor held. I was very impressed as a lot of these types of cartridges will begin to taste burnt or at least the flavor will change over time. When I puffed on it at night it made me sleepy and eventually put me down. The effects in disty carts are a little lackluster in general and that’s by design. It is a product that is more suited for the light cannabis user or for daytime use to keep a level head but has an added element of calm. 

  1. Potency Score 9  – This product was very strong. If I puff on it before bed I can put myself out, while remaining functional during the daytime.
  2. Effect Score 7  – Distillate has a consistent and sort of shallow effect to me. I prefer other types of cartridges for a more medicinal effect.
  3. Late Flavor Score 10  – Some cartridges lose their flavor when heated up many times in a row and this one holds it perfectly.
  4. Repeat Excitement Score 8 I am not the biggest purchaser of distillate cartridges, I like the natural terpenes of live resin and rosin and the expanded medicinal effect. However, if I were going to choose a distillate cartridge, I would choose this one. 

Total Score 93/100

Grade – A

In conclusion, I really enjoyed this product. Pinpoint nailed the distillate cart product and I would highly recommend it to new smokers and daytime users. I don’t usually purchase this type of product for myself but I have to be honest, Pinpoint may have changed my mind with this one. I’m definitely going to try out a few more flavors.


Patrick Waibel is a 3 time US Cannabis Cup Winning cultivator and consultant. Waibel’s experience in craft cultivation and the cannabis market makes him one of the most reputable reviewers in the industry. The 10-point grading system used to score and evaluate cannabis products aims to remove bias and determine the best qualities of marijuana products.