Missouri Marijuana Legalization: Questions and Answers

Missouri Marijuana Legalization: Questions and Answers


With the legalization of recreational marijuana in Missouri, the state faces changes.

The effective date for Missouri’s new law is December 8, which means we are just a few weeks away from adults without patient cards being able to possess weed legally in Missouri without the fear of arrest.

Dispensary sales for recreational cannabis are still further down the road – sales will begin early in 2023.

While there’s much to come in the form of finalized rules and regulations, Patients looks at a few of the most popular and misunderstood questions being asked today.

Should you renew your med card?
Yes. But, if your card expires before December 8 you may look at waiting until after December 8 to reapply. Effective December 8, medical marijuana cards will be valid for three years rather than one, which means a few days difference means two extra years without having to renew.
Medical patients will see a lower tax percentage, are afforded additional protections by law, and have an increased possession limit over adult use consumers.
For those that purchase from dispensaries, it’s anticipated that rec sales at dispensaries will not begin until February of 2023, so not renewing means a few months without the ability to purchase in stores.
There’s no reason not to renew your card.
Does the new three-year expiration date for medical cards apply to my current card?
No. You will need to renew your medical card at the assigned time. Upon renewal, your new expiration date will be valid for 3 years.
Will you be required to be a Missouri resident to apply for a medical card?
No. There is no longer a residency requirement to become a Missouri medical card holder.
What’s the difference in the tax rate for medical marijuana and recreational marijuana?

The tax rate for medical marijuana purchases is 4%, while adult use purchases will be taxed at 6%. Additionally, an additional sales tax of up to 3% may be imposed by local governments on adult use purchases, meaning the tax rate on recreational purchases could be more than double in some areas.

How much marijuana can I purchase at one time?

For medical card holders, purchase limits will be dictated by their remaining allotment and possession limit defined by their physician. For most patients that monthly purchase limit will be 6 ounces or its equivalent.

For adult use consumers, the math is much simpler – 3 ounces, or its equivalent, per transaction.

What is the equivalent of an ounce?

Missouri regulations dictate that 3.5 grams of flower, an 1/8, is the equivalent of 1 gram of concentrate or 100mg of THC in infused products, for simple math purposes lets say each of these equals 1 unit.

A recreational consumer may purchase 24 units per transaction. What does that look like?

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