Cova adds cannabis eCommerce to award-winning dispensary software lineup


Cova Software (“Cova” or “the Company”), announced today the addition of eCommerce to its award-winning suite of cannabis retail solutions. Cova eCommerce will enable dispensaries across the United States and cannabis stores in Canada to quickly and easily launch a full eCommerce website to boost their presence and earn more customers with the convenience of online sales.

Retailers using Cova’s industry-leading point of sale system will get the benefits of a fully customizable site that aligns with their brand and syncs seamlessly with their POS so online inventory and sales are always accurate and compliant. Cova eCommerce includes built-in SEO and marketing automation to effortlessly attract and engage with online customers.

Cova Announces Cannabis eCommerce

The announcement comes after the company’s acquisition of Dabber, an eCommerce provider specializing in solutions for online ordering, search engine discoverability, revenue recovery, and point-of-sale integration. Dabber has worked closely with Cova for the past year while the company grew their cannabis eComm practice. Built on the popular WordPress platform, it leverages a custom WooCommerce plugin to provide robust out-of-the-box functionality and a depth of tools users and agencies can use to further customize sites.

“When choosing a POS to partner with, it was clear to us Cova set the gold standard for tech that truly connects cannabis retailers to their customers,” said Bobby Fikree, founder of Dabber and now Head of eCommerce at Cova. “We built Dabber eCommerce to provide the same reliability, ease of use, and focus on customer relationships Cova is known for. Dabber’s eComm solution empowers retailers to upgrade their iFrame menu to full eCommerce that provides product SEO, data security, automated cart recovery and more. Retailers know how important it is to have their products found on Google, and our solution with Cova provides exactly that.”


Cova’s eCommerce offering is fully integrated into Cova Pay, which provides digital payment solutions including debit processing for U.S. dispensaries and ACH payment processing. Cova’s evolving software suite now includes POS, eCommerce, Payments, Inventory Management, and Advanced Analytics.

“We’re proud Cova has become such a trusted source for cannabis retailers, and the addition of Dabber’s eCommerce platform extends our promise of best-in-class solutions,” said Gary Cohen, CEO of Cova Software. “Cova became #1 in dispensary software by listening to the needs of retailers and answering with solutions that don’t ask them to choose between easy or robust. You can get the best of both worlds.”

A recent report by Cannabiz Media shows Cova maintains the highest market share of any cannabis retail software brand in North America. The company has been recognized with awards for Excellence in Innovation and was voted Best POS in the industry in 2022.

About Cova

Cova builds innovative software solutions for cannabis retail. Its award-winning suite includes dispensary POS, eCommerce, payments, inventory management, and advanced analytics—tech designed to simplify compliance and streamline complex operations. A focus on ease of use, industry-leading reliability, and enterprise-proven scalability have made Cova the most-trusted cannabis retail platform in North America, powering 2,000 locations.